Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ammonia Smell in the room? What did you do?

I wonder what you moms use or put or attach or... whatever... to get rid of the urine smell in the room? I'm referring to the smell from cloth diaper especially on a toddler. How to eliminate the smell if the diaper is to be worn overnight?

Sometimes, hubby or myself is awaken by the urine smell. Especially early in the morning... the whole room was like... Arrgh! Please share with me what's your tips??

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Calling all cloth addict ladies and gentlemen...

Just something to share with you all... Recently I found this interesting site - DiaperAsia It's an interesting forum discussing about cloth nappies and parenting stuff... Go check it out as they have monthly surprises as well!

Oh yeah... it's our very own Malaysian host! BOLEH lagi... :)

She did that! She finally able to do it on her own...

Alright, this is something my gal able to do since a few weeks ago but I never really record them down.

1) Able to open the side-snapping diaper on her own
2) Able to pull down her pants without anyone helping
3) Able to tell us she wants to pee even we were having dinner outside the house and refuse to pee in her diaper...

Isn't that amazing? She is not yet 2 years old and another fact is she's no longer wish to be in the diaper when it gets wet! So, no more changing diaper to be delayed for another 2-3 hours when she's awake... :( She will come to me and yelled :"Mummy, wet wet!!!" and she expects to be changed as fast as possible.

Basically she's diaperless at home and started to show that she understands that when time to pee is the time to go to the toilet even she's in a diaper. But this one is not 100% safe as accident still happens...

When your child starts to potty train and achieve the milestone... well, you will feel that you are the proudest mom! (Save more money as the child already reduce the use of nappies)

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