Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last Day for Discounted Woolies' order!

I guess I forgot to post it here but I just updated in Diaperasia forum.

I'm giving a 7% discount on all my handknitted woolies for orders in March 2010. Today is the last day I'm accepting orders.

Terms and condition:
As long as you place order in March, automatically you will be given a 7% discount from the original price stated here.

He's Ready!!!

Yes, finally my DS at the age of 17 months old show his awareness of potty-traninig! He is now able to inform us whenever he did his big business... he will goes like:" Errrgh... errgh..." sounds even he has done his business with a diaper on.

I haven't really start to train him to pee in potty even I already noticed he has better bladder control now. There's one night whereby he slept quite late, after 11.30pm and woke up at 8.30am the next morning with a whole DRY fitted nappy!!! I should lead him to the potty after he woke up but I didn't, I guess I miss one golden opportunity.

Need to remind myself to take initiative on potty training him as much as I could... hopefully to teach him accept on using potty for all his "personal businesses". :)

Review: MandyMac Night Fitted Nappy

Bamboo fleece with cotton for the whole diaper including 2 lay in bamboo soakers. It consist of triple-folded sewn in bamboo soaker and 2 lay in bamboo boosters. This is a ONE-Size NIGHT fitted nappy that comes with sewn in purple stay-dry fleece liner!

Very absorbent! That's the reason why it is so bulky... No problem for my 17 months old to wear for 12 hours pair with a wool longies. So far, never encounter whole diaper to be wet yet. In fact, using only one soaker or a small microfiber insert as boaster is well enough. This is how I reduce the bulkinest of the diaper.

Seldom retain smell but you have to make sure it drys under the sun for at least 1 full day or sometimes less than 1 day with its special construction. (See pic above)

Since it is an OS fitted diaper, all you need is practise well in using Snappi to fasten on. I have to admit having a wringgle little one really make it difficult to wear on.

Compare the bulkinest with Nappy Chappies, included with the 2 lay in soakers

1) One-size
2) Soft and absorbent even after many washes
3) Comes with sewn in stay dry layer

1) Need Snappi to fasten on
2) Require a diaper cover
3) Too bulky if using both the lay in soakers

Get it from: Aussie online stores

Rating: 4 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What happen to Diaper Asia Forum?

Anyone know what's going on with diaperasia forum? It's unable to access since 3 days ago... Why? Why? Why?

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