Monday, July 12, 2010

Ideas... sharing... on "recycling" CD?

Picture on the left is the many inserts that I have in my stash even I only have... let's see after selling / trading some... only left 4 fleece pocket diapers, 2 GAD medium long pocket diapers, 2 HH OS pocket diapers, 2 large Snap-Ez pocket diapers, 1 almost torn Haute OS pocket diaper and 1 local brand Bouncing Baby OS (velcro) pocket diaper. Seriously I have too many inserts than pocket diapers...
Okay, basically, 12 pocket diapers that I have in stash to rotate everyday and I may seems having not enough if it's raining and all the CD is still in laundry. 

Luckily I have 4 Cotton Babies insert sock (pic top right) which I bought long long time ago... well, back in year 2007 which I can stuff inserts in and lay them in PUL diaper cover for use. (just like pic above) Oh, at the moment still using 4 medium Bummis covers with insert socks and another 2 Large diaper cover with fitted diapers at night ever since my DS rejects to put on any wool longies and soaker. (So heartache...)

Guess what, I used to think that I need to buy fleece liner to use in fitted diaper until I discovered I still have the insert sock which also can be used as stay dry liner. Moreover, it's more wider than the standard fleece liner so it covers a big portion of the internal in fitted diaper. Unexpected bonus usage!

On top of that, who is still using lampin??!! Well, I do. It feel so comfortable especially on hot hot sunny day when my DS sweat alot! Furthermore, he is now able to hold his pee longer or sometimes no pee for the whole evening due to less liquid intake... I can save one CD when he's on maybe 1-2 lampin as the volume of urine was little.  Or I will bring him to the toilet for wee wee once I notice he's still dry after a long period. Normally, it works! Yay!!! Some great achievement for toilet training...

Stack of lampin

So. need any expensive training pants? Well, just like last time with my DD, in my opinion, I still think it's unnecessary even I was almost considering to order them. Now, I realized we can live without it. Once the child gets older, the CD laundry will be lesser. I only have 2-3 CD laundry per week comapre to last time - everyday..
Oh yes... if you wonder how I use lampin on toddler with higher volume of urine, do check out my No Sew Prefold.

Last but not least, I'm glad that I am able to convinced myself not to buy any new CD now by thinking and doing some mix and matching on the current CD stash that I have. Yes, reuse is recycle...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blog Interviewer Arrived!

Been so please and honour that my diapering blog appeared in Blog Interviewer! To be frank, I thought it was a spam website at the beginning... Opps... sorry for that.

Thanks for the support over years and hope CD users can benefit from this blog too!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Use or not use?

I'm in the middle of making a VERY SERIOUS decision... on whether to use training pants for my 18 months old DS. I'm keen to try on using training pants as DS already started to fuss whenever he pee and asked to get the just-wet diaper away. He is now able to hold pee for 1-2 hours during day time.

The problem now is the timing... DS already starts to tell when he wants to pee and by the time we get to him, it's done. Meaning he's already wee wee on his diaper and yet he asked us to remove the diaper from him. I feel so frustrated since everytime I tried to unsnap or remove his diaper, zero time to use a potty.

That's why I've been thinking to get him some pull up-down type training pants with the ability to add insert into. Not really start any survey on training pants as Malaysian CD e-store has limited choices, isn't it? Any recommendation?

Another heartbroken fact is DS REFUSE to wear any woolies!!! Being a wool lover mama, this is a bad news. Well, will try to put on him after he fall asleep. This is also another reason I'm sourcing some fleece pocket diaper for night use. PUL cover (Hello back for Bummis!) also become another alternative nowadays... (yes, been abandoned ever since I'm crazy about wool).

Lesson learnt: Never sell CD that is not your favourite, you might need it one day and you'll never know!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last Day for Discounted Woolies' order!

I guess I forgot to post it here but I just updated in Diaperasia forum.

I'm giving a 7% discount on all my handknitted woolies for orders in March 2010. Today is the last day I'm accepting orders.

Terms and condition:
As long as you place order in March, automatically you will be given a 7% discount from the original price stated here.

He's Ready!!!

Yes, finally my DS at the age of 17 months old show his awareness of potty-traninig! He is now able to inform us whenever he did his big business... he will goes like:" Errrgh... errgh..." sounds even he has done his business with a diaper on.

I haven't really start to train him to pee in potty even I already noticed he has better bladder control now. There's one night whereby he slept quite late, after 11.30pm and woke up at 8.30am the next morning with a whole DRY fitted nappy!!! I should lead him to the potty after he woke up but I didn't, I guess I miss one golden opportunity.

Need to remind myself to take initiative on potty training him as much as I could... hopefully to teach him accept on using potty for all his "personal businesses". :)

Review: MandyMac Night Fitted Nappy

Bamboo fleece with cotton for the whole diaper including 2 lay in bamboo soakers. It consist of triple-folded sewn in bamboo soaker and 2 lay in bamboo boosters. This is a ONE-Size NIGHT fitted nappy that comes with sewn in purple stay-dry fleece liner!

Very absorbent! That's the reason why it is so bulky... No problem for my 17 months old to wear for 12 hours pair with a wool longies. So far, never encounter whole diaper to be wet yet. In fact, using only one soaker or a small microfiber insert as boaster is well enough. This is how I reduce the bulkinest of the diaper.

Seldom retain smell but you have to make sure it drys under the sun for at least 1 full day or sometimes less than 1 day with its special construction. (See pic above)

Since it is an OS fitted diaper, all you need is practise well in using Snappi to fasten on. I have to admit having a wringgle little one really make it difficult to wear on.

Compare the bulkinest with Nappy Chappies, included with the 2 lay in soakers

1) One-size
2) Soft and absorbent even after many washes
3) Comes with sewn in stay dry layer

1) Need Snappi to fasten on
2) Require a diaper cover
3) Too bulky if using both the lay in soakers

Get it from: Aussie online stores

Rating: 4 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What happen to Diaper Asia Forum?

Anyone know what's going on with diaperasia forum? It's unable to access since 3 days ago... Why? Why? Why?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Review: Fitted Diaper - Cute Tooshies

Bamboo and polyster. Very fluff, plush and soft! It has one 1 snap-in bamboo booster to be triple folded and 1 small lay-in bamboo soaker. This is a ONESIZE fitted nappy that comes in limited gorgeous colours.

Frankly speaking, not absorbent enough as a night nappy but too absorbent for nap! I think it will be a great night nappy for a light to medium wetter babies.
Seldom retain smell but you have to make sure it drys under the sun for at least 1 full day or sometimes less than 1 day.

Even it is claimed to be a One-size but I really have problem to use it when my DS was younger. It can't be folded down like the Imse Vimse terry fitted diaper for shorter rise and the 4 rows of snaps (left & right) really made me confused to get a better fit on my small baby back then. Until today I still unable to figure out how to put it on smaller baby and I think most probably it is meant like the GreenKids nappy (no snaps to shorten the rise)? Well, just my thought... I kept it aside until my boy grown into M size on other diapers then the fit was much better.

1) One-size
2) Soft and absorbent even after many washes
3) Fast to dry and never retain smell
1) No sewn in fleece liner
2) Require a diaper cover
3) Fitting issue

Get it from: eZmotherhood but don't think this is still available in Malaysian online stores

Rating: 3 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Diaper Service

Lately been wondering when we can have our own diaper service one-stop center? I'm pretty sure one day you'll find worn out velcro, falling snaps, problematic fleece layer of the pocket diaper, torn PUL layers, loose elastic... and lots more... which I think it is possible to be repaired rather than throw away or sell as second, huh?

I'm facing this problem inside the PUL pocket diaper... it looks like there is one layer is slowly "peeling off" from the PUL cloth...

I'm not sure whether this can be repaired and where to send to for such service?

Time to toss it? So sayang lah... This is also one of the problem when you have it as the favourite diaper or if you don't have a big stash to rotate often... *Sigh* Mind you, I only have 8 pocket diapers in total to rotate on 7 days...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is the wool soaker pattern!

pictures posted with permission from lotusutol

Available from size S to L, maybe XL in near future.

The measurement below taken unstretched:

General sizing for S (RM78)
Waist - 35cm
Hips - 42cm
Rise - 50cm
Thigh - 25cm

General sizing for M (RM88)
Waist - 40cm
Hips - 50cm
Rise - 54cm
Thigh - 30cm

General sizing for L (RM98)
Waist - 45cm
Hips - 56cm
Rise - 56cm
Thigh - 35cm

Policies are the same as wool longies. This is also a licensed pattern. Available in solid colours and variegated colours.

Note: As for variegated colours, additional RM15 will be charged on the yarn.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hand knitting woolies

After receiving many requests and here I am open up for orders.

I'm still in progress working out the pricing, it's really a tough job. But basically the price will
include the cost of the wool yarn, shipping and last but not least my hourly time spend.

PLEASE, please, please bear with me as I'm a mom to 2 young kids, therefore it will takes a little longer time to complete one longies or soaker.

Note: The bigger size it is, the longer time it takes.

These are some policies :

1) It will takes around 2-3 weeks for the wool yarn to arrive (am ordering from overseas). Hence, the knitting project will only start when I received the yarn. So when I mention it will takes 3 weeks to complete, the week will start after I receive the yarn or when I email you to notify (if previously I'm working on other's woolies).

2) Full payment shall be made before I place order to buy yarn or before I start knitting.

3) All patterns are licensed (I'm paying for them). I refuse to knit free pattern for sale.

4) All wool soaker / longies/ shorties will be washed and lanolised before I send to you.

5) All orders will be in queue, meaning first come first serve unless there's special arrangement agreed among each parties.

6) If you are looking for woolies specially for super heavywetter, feel free to contact me. It will be a different quote.

7) This is ONLY applicable to MALAYSIAN customers. Payment can be made via online transfer - Maybank and CIMB. Customer outside Malaysia please email me separately.

General Sizing chart for Wool Longies (in inches)

Size S

Hip - 19
Rise - 16
Inseam - 6.5

Price: Starting from RM135

Size M

Hip - 20
Rise - 18
Inseam - 8

Price: Starting at RM155

Size L (special request)

Hip - 22
Rise - 19+
Inseam - 10+

Price: Starting at RM185

Price for Wool Shorties - less RM18 from the pricing of wool longies.

Note: If you need sizing customization, feel free to email me.

Looking for Wool Soaker?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's year 2010 today! Happy New Year to every mommies / daddies...

I have a new year resolution which is to Potty-Train my soon-to-be 15 months old DS! Well, at least it's time to teach him to develope the awareness... He's been having problem to poo poo as he refuses to sit on potty and will protest whenever we tried to get him station for more than 3 seconds. He's super hyperactive, I'm having a BIG headache as he prefers to walk and poo at the same time! *roll eyes*

Well, I'm still having chances to continue using cloth diapers at the same time. So, won't feel that bad to potty-train my DS...


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