Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Babylegs... Leg warmies...

Discovered the goodness of baby leg warmies just recently... well, I knitted wool soakers and longies to be used with fitted diapers. In real life, it is bulky to use on small baby who is a heavywetter. Oh... I love to add booster or doubler for my heavywetter baby. Therefore, the bum looks so big with the diaper & wool cover. It looks so uncomfortable when the bum is higher than the head. Get what I mean?
If you have baby leg warmies or babylegs as some of you known, it is a great alternative solution while waiting baby to grow big.

Thank god I knitted a pair to try out. DS will be warm with them when wearing fitted diaper with cover (be it PUL or wool). I'm knitting another pair now...

Monday, December 22, 2008

How to wash CD with breastfed baby's poo poo?

Can dear CD mummies share with me what is your routine or how do you wash the CD with those yellowish stain on CD? Most of the CD manufacturer mentioned no need to soak CD but I realized the poo poo stain is not easily to wash off. At least soaking for half day then only can ensure it's 100% clean after spin and dry in washing machine.

Besides that, I found out laying a piece or two nappy liner on top of CD reduce the staining directly on the fleece and it ease the washing too. Mind to share your tips?

Oh before I forgot I don't use CD whole day... only 2-3 piece of pocket + fitted. Therefore, I never do spin and rinse in the washing machine before full wash. Or... maybe I should?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh No!!!

Bleach & too much detergent!

This is my fault as I never inform my maid not to use bleach. Saw a few fleece liner carried some colourful "dye" from other baby clothes few days back. Surprisingly they are gone when I checked again. Needless to say, she used bleach on them.

I didn't scold her but tell her the correct way to wash CD and too much detergent discovered by smelling. That one I don't blame her as she got big load of washing everyday so I manage to rinse a few times on my own.

Actually, what type of damage cause by bleach? Any idea? I shall monitor on any changes especially the performance of those affected CD.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why Disposable Diaper?

Because it's already available since so long ago and everyone can't live without it. Quite true for today's lifestyle. Sometimes it is unavoidable and I have to admit that I'm using it while still finding solutions to convert to cloth with my second bub.

I bet you know what I mean here, people nowadays use money to buy technology and convenient. Agree?

As for my case, having now 2 heavywetter babies, I experimented different types of solutions for night time and daytime. It won't last long if I never add boaster or extra doubler. Therefore, the CD (be it pocket or fitted) will be thicker or bulkier. Wool is good for heavywetter when pair with absorbent fitted diaper but wool is not thin though. On the other hand, no worry about this with sposies.

I'm not sure about other brestfeed mothers but it's quite terrible for me to use CD when my baby No.2 is here as I was struggling and stress out with breasfeeding. I was so weak and tired to explore about what to use for CDing for more absorbency for my newborn (DS) due to not enough rest. (Maybe I have too many CD's options to think of?) At least disposable can be used for at least 8-10 hours without leak, so that I can concentrate to breastfeed.

My elder child (DD) is supposed to potty-train at night but since I am taking care of DS, MIL helps me to take care of her now. MIL is not really supportive on CD as those I used on my DD are too bulky for her. Maybe it's true as DD already able to tell and always asked us to take off CD at mid-night. DD sometimes refuse to wake up and pee at night, so for "safety" purpose and in order to absorb pee from a heavywetter toddler MIL uses disposable on her even during naptime.

Stay-Dry Layer
I'm doubt about my DS developed very serious skin allergy when using CD in the first 2 weeks but it's fine and even better when using disposable. This must be the chemical material used in sposies that keep the bum dry. CD uses cloths and probably clothes will become damp after too many wettings. Therefore, the skin that in contact with damp CD is definitely not a wonderful thing. Frequent changing is also important even for modern CD. Do you know what they use in sposies to keep baby's bum dry?

I'm not promoting disposable diaper. I'm comparing the pro and con from both CD and sposies. I hope there are even thinner fitted diapers or inserts available so that to minus off the bulkiness. What features do you hope to have from disposable that can turn into modern CD in the future?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Small Size?

This is the reason why I said my newborn baby fit in GAD pocket diaper so well! It's so tiny compare to other brands such as Fuzzi Bunz in the pic. I wonder whether there's any standard for cloth diaper sizing?

Oh... the Small size of Fuzzi Bunz is actually same as the Medium of GAD pocket. My baby boy is 5.1kg now at 7 weeks old and Small GAD seems a little tight on him as I'm already using the most front snaps for both waist and thigh (as you can see from the pic above). Feel not so satisfy with the thigh's snaps because even I snap on the most front (due to baby has chubby thigh), it still leaks when baby sleeps sideway.
In fact, it's not necessary to invest too much on Newborn size CD as baby grows too fast before you realized they are unable to fit in anymore. Anyway, remember to check on what brands that you wish to invest as different brands of CD carry different sizing.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stick to Lampin!

Well, thought I will be using more of the modern cloth nappies but ended up still have to stick to the flat and square cotton gauze... our traditional lampin! The main reason is my baby boy developed sensitive and allergy skin, he has red patches and white bumps all over the genital area, especially the inner thighs. You will feel so pity towards this little fellow when you see the affected area.

The first week we actually use OS PUL and small insert for night time and I never know that my boy is a heavywetter even he's fully breastfeed! I have Happy Heinys OS pocket, Haute OS pocket, Rumparooz OS pocket GAD small pocket. I guess I never change him at night and this contributed to the allergy skin later on. Reminder - never use PUL for long hours as it traps heat... this is true for both my children. So, I gotto save PUL pocket for outing use or short nap. Oh, I never mention those OS pockets are huge on newborn BUT GAD small pocket fit newborn like a glove!!! My boy was 3.5kg at birth...

I thought I will not be using any pins as I have diaper covers but since paed advise to let the affected area air dry, lampin is the best to offer optimum "air-ventilation". Sometimes, I let baby go bottomless for a while during nappy changing time. So, pins are still back in action. Occasionally, I will use diaper cover or PUL pocket if I'm lazy to change lampin so frequent.

Fitted diapers... yes, I used them but they are also quite thick especially OS. I only rotate 4 OS fitted diapers, namely, Baby Beehinds bamboo OS and hemp OS, Drybees bamboo OS, and Going Green hemp OS during daytime (occasionally too) top with a fleece liner. Still, I find that it is hot for my baby's case. The thickest will be the Baby Beehinds bamboo OS. I use them all without diaper cover as they seldom wet the bedsheet.

Well, guess I have to wait till baby's skin recover or maybe he's older (grows bigger) in order to enjoy CDing with those stash of modern cloth nappies... Last but not least, lampin is still No.1 in breathability but lots of washing involve... tired...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Advise needed to use napkin with diaper cover!

Obviously the lampin when folded in rectangular shape is bigger than the S size diaper cover. That's a Bummis Super Wrap in S. I think this won't be a nice fold up for breasfeeding baby with lots of poo poo as the lampin won't be able to catch the poo near the leg casing area, isn't it? I mean the poo poo will have the tendency to "dirty" the diaper cover straight away...

Personally, I still perfer the traditional lampn folding in triangular shape as there will be extra cloth cover the thigh. Hiow to fold this into the diaper cover? Mommies who used diaper cover with lampin on breastfeed baby, please share with me how did you fold the lampin??

This is Bummis diaper cover too but in NewBorn size. Lampin definitely can't squeeze in no matter how I folded... So, it's very good to use with small insert. I put the nappy liner on top of the insert and lay it flat on the diaper cover. It's so easy... I wonder are there any fleece sock (just like the Cotton Babies Sock) available in such a smallest size???

Trying out Snappi

Was wondering how to use Snappi on fitted diaper... I got one NB fitted nappy made by a mama from Aussie (thanks for sending me, Bec!) without any snap or velcro closure. I Was wondering whether Snappi can be used and how to hook it on...

When you lay the fitted flat and try to hook, it won't work... my mum told me about this and experiment with me before.

So, I tried to assume a baby is wearing the fitted like below:-

Yeah... I stuffed the fitted diaper with my gal's singlet after I rolled it. The fitted became fuller in the body and I tried with Snappi to hook it onw and Yes! It did work! Looks like Snappi is good to use with fitted diaper or prefold (thicker) and not so good with cloth napkin /muslin as they are too thin. Well, all these while I never try Snappi on fitted but heard alot saying that it goes well with fitted and prefold. Therefore, this is my first experiment... :)

Got to practise a few times to hook it more securely...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The first batch of Drybees OS Bamboo fitted diaper

I was very shocked when I found out there are some pinkish spots on the Drybees OS Bamboo fitted. Due to it is not an absorbent fitted diaper for my gal... I stopped using it for almost 4-5 months and when I last checked on it ... I was so heartache as I looked closely, the fabric is like been "eaten up"!

Especially at the wing snap area...The most serious part and I realized the pinkish spots started spreading to the other part of the diaper after I checked it again after a few weeks!

It looks so horrible but I really have no idea what to do as it was washed and kept the same way and same place with all the others fitted diapers. One obvious difference is I don't use this diaper anymore for a long long time and am not sure whether this is the cause? This is the first batch of Drybees bamboo carried in last year July when US first launched. I still remember I per-ordered it through Miabambina.

See the affected fabric? I don't dare to wear it on my baby anymore... it feels "geli". I discussed this problem with Miabambina as that time this diaper still not even 1 year old yet! Luckily there is a 1 year warranty and Miabambina sent me a brand new one! Hurray!
Thanks alot to Miabambina and I hope all the CD sellers in Malaysia can provide clear information and guidance about what we, the CD mamas can do if we have defected diapers. Always check whether there are any warranty for the diaper... you will never know...


Hurry! Sales at eZmotherhood!

Starts from today, 18 September till 24 September 2008. I was shopping like a mad lady, so don't miss the sales! They are so many items on BIG BIG SALES!!!

Dear mommies, go shop till you drop ... :P

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I stop buying... but I lied!

I really stop getting more CD and these are latest addition for the coming newborn. I think it's enough since I will be using more lampin (flat cotton gauze) for newborn till it's not absorbent enough. Well, why need to buy more since the purpose to use cloth diapers is to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle!

Prefer to use lampin with diaper cover and I have 6 small & newborn diaper covers from Bummis and Prorap. Thanks to Rebecca for the 2 free NB cover even they are seconds. The Prorap Classic thanks to a mama from US (you know who you are :) ...) who helped to carry all the way from US back to KL, not forgetting a few more other fitted and pocket diaper. Luckily the custom didn't make any trouble.

Another diaper cover that I love... it got to be woolen!!! Never buy any wool cover but lots of wool yarn and turned them into... Ta-dah!!!

Oh yes... I still knit though...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Unbearable Smell

After using cloth diapers for more than 1 year (Oh... not forgetting surveying and trying non-stop too...) finally I think I know the reason on why the ammonia smell can be so strong. Remember this post?

First of all, thanks ladies for sharing with me about the possible causes and solutions. After trial and tested on my own... and I really mean it (as I did all the laundry by hand or machine wash while there were no maid at home for more than a month). Thank goodness that my gal is not "producing" more diapers to wash nowadays, I can really can take my time to explore and experience more.

These are facts:

1) Once baby/toddler is introduced more to variety of solid food, the urine smells stronger.

2) Baby/toddler who is lack of fluid (best describe my gal!) produces terrible ammonia smell.

3) Diaper that is not clean throughly really double up the smell (imagine old and new urine combined... Yucks!!!) Well, it is possible to clean the diaper by handwash with extra rinse and I mean no machine wash here (of course for minimal amount of diapers) :P

4) Too little (using not enough) or too much (rinsing part need to be more) of detergent does affect the cleanliness of the diaper and insert.

5) Microfiber retain ammonia smell much more than natural fiber insert such as hemp, cotton and bamboo. Therefore, I'm reluctant to get more diaper with microfiber insert and will think twice if it's (microfiber insert) a sewn in AIO!!!

6) Soaking the insert will cause more work on washing and rinsing to get rid of the smell. So, soaking is not necessary! (I'm taking into consideration on those who handwash as well)

Anything to add??

Friday, June 27, 2008

Review: All-In-One (AIO) nappy - Itti Bitti D'lish

Front snapping multiple size diaper. Inner soaker made from cotton and fleece; PUL and minkee for outer layer. This is also the AIO I bought because of its trimness and also it is the snap in style compare to sewn in. Sorry... as I don't fancy minkee so to me there's no difference whether it's soft to the touch or not. :P

It last at least 2-3 hours on my dd who is now a 2 year old toddler. Since it is an AIO, don't expect it can last longer on heavywetter. I was not so impress as the diaper leaks if wear my dd wear for her nap and sleep on her tummy. Good for outing as it is very convenient to wear, no stuffing required.

This diaper doesn't retain smell and consider quite easy to wash even with hands. Quick drying too as the internal snap in soaker can be unsnapped and hang to dry separately.

1) Very snug fitting, extra trim!
2) Does not retain smell
3) Easy to use, no stuffing required
4) Quick drying as it has snap-in soaker
5) Comes with stay dry fleece layer
6) Another "toy" for my dd as she loves the minkee... LOL!

1) May need to buy extra as it comes in multiple size
2) Not advisable to add in more doubler as it will become too bulky and cause leak from the waist if the baby nap on tummy.

Basically, I love this diaper for its trimness, not sewn in type internal soaker and convenient to use. All in all, it's not really very lasting to use on heavywetter.

Get it from: Lil Danzell

Rating: 4 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

Review: Pocket Diaper - Green Acre Design(GAD) Windpro

Multiple size medium weight Windpro pocket diaper. It is breathable, less bullky and a good alternative of wool cover for night time.

Inner layer: microfleece

Since it is a pocket diaper, it last at least 2 pees on my heavywetter 2 year old. I stuff it with 1 wahmies insert in medium size and one hemp insert. Good for night as you don't have to worry that it will leak even if the baby is a heavywetter. You can leave the diaper unchange at night and there's no wet bedsheet or wet pyjamas since this diaper is breathable. In other words, it works exactly like wool cover, evaporate the wetness out.

A good quality pocket diaper comes in S, M and L. The one I have is medium long and it lasts on my dd from 11 months old till now - 25 months old! Unfortunately, lately, medium long is too tight for her and I think it's time to get a Large since she hasn't potty trained at midnight... :)

1) Quick drying as insert is seperated
2) Very breathable diaper, good for rashes-prone baby.
3) Very easy to use and wash too, a good alternative to wool cover if you think wool needs complicated care.

1) Bulky than PUL but thinner than Drybees fleece pocket
2) Longer time to dry than PUL pocket diaper
3) Will be hot for daytime (?)

Get it from: Miabambina

Rating: 5 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

Friday, June 13, 2008

Double Happiness

These are the only diapers that I order more than once!
Loves them for its trimness and snug fitting! Both are low-rise but work beautifully with wonderful craftmanship.
Dream-Ez fitted - loves its trimness, side snapping and super absorbency for super heavywetter
Dream-Ez AIO - loves its trimness and easy to use (not in the picture)
Itti Bitti D'lish - loves the trimness too and snap-in soaker for easy retrieval as well as easy to use
On top of them, they are very easy to wash and hardly retain smell.
So, which one that took your heart away among so many types and brands of CD?

Friday, May 30, 2008

It's done!

The first ever knitted wool longies! Completed in 2 months time... I think I'm slow...

This is a size M but I think it's able to fit baby till 1 year old... Initially wish to knit a shorties but yarn not enough so I joined with another colour till it's enough to be a longies.

I think I'm addicted now... Am knitting size newborn and S from the same pattern but change the knitting method abit... and I can't believe I started to knit in round!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Elastic Problem

See any difference between this two BG Onesize pocket diaper? I bought the yellow one earlier than the pink one and of course both of them were in action very frequently among other cloth diapers. Being washed and wriggled too much by my maid... eventhough I told her countless time not to wriggle cloth diapers when washing. Arrgh...!

Alright, both of them have loose leg casing elastic, especially the yellow one. It can't be used now as it will leaks most of the time and I'm really looking for help!!! Can anyone share with me where to get good quality elastic to replace them? Some WAHM suggested to use elastic for swimwear but I really have no idea where to get it locally (within Malaysia)?

I mentioned about the GAD pocket diaper too whereby the lastin all owrn out and my mum and I tried to replaced them with elastic for our normal garment but it doesn't work. The diaper still leak. Therefore, I have more than one pocket diaper waiting to be repaired... it just I need to get the right material first.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Confuse and difficult decision making

It's about how practical to use fitted diaper on newborn or young baby? What will be the best solutions? I started to use cloth diapers when my girl was about 10-11 months old and therefore is clueless about CDing a newborn or younger baby. Is it:

For daytime and outing
- Flat cotton gauze (lampin) with diaper cover?
- Fitted diaper with or without a diaper cover?
- Pocket diaper?
- AIO?

Question: Averagely how many diaper changes needed for daytime?

For nighttime
- Fitted diaper with wool cover?
- Pocket diaper?
- Fitted diaper with normal diaper cover?
- What else?

Question: What is the average interval time to change a newborn or young baby at night?

Mummies who started cloth diapering babies from newborn is welcome to share your experience and comments. I really would like to know how you work out the numbers and the solutions. Oh yes, a new baby will be greeting the world this coming October. That's why I'm stuck in whether to add more stash or maybe just use disposable... sometimes it's quite tiring to do so many researches and "investment" though...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

No more diapers or nappies!!!

It's been a few days my girl hates to be in the diaper... be it cloth or disposable. Guess she's considered successful in potty training and I think she just knows how nice and cool not to be in the diaper. She is able to hold the bladder for up to max 2 hours! So, nowadays we can go out for a short trip without any diaper! Hurray!!!

It's only a few days before her 2nd birthday, she shows a very good improvement since I aggresively (is this the word??) train her to use the potty and go diaperless during daytime for almost 2 months now. Oh yes, no training pants involve in the process though.

Just 2 days ago, she started to protest not to be in the diaper during her nap and night time! This is really horrible... I'm going to be a zombie as she won't allow me to put on neither cloth or disposable diaper after she falls asleep! She will cry and ask me to take off the diaper suddenly in the middle of the night. I thought night time potty training suppose to be mummy to wake the child up? In my case, it's my girl who wakes me up and asking to be on the potty!!!

There were really tiring nights for me as I need to stay alert and try to wake up after a few hours sleep to make sure my girl doesn't wet herself and catch cold. She was just recovering from a fever due to wet diaper and pants last week and that really made me horrified. Luckily the first 3-4 hours after she sleeps will be a good time to put on either cloth or disposable diaper as that is the time she sleeps soundly. That's also the time she will pee once or twice then she can go dry till morning even I feed her milk once. I can't live without any stay-dry doubler if I'm going to use cloth diaper as a little wetness really can wake her up and she will asked to be changed! Therefore, pocket diaper is a good solution for me as I don't think I need to use very absorbent cloth diaper or disposable diaper too! In short, it's once wet, no matter how, she will ask me to change for her. Oh yes, it is changing into a pants NOT DIAPER!!!

I wonder whether she will go totally diaperless by the age of 2 and a half years old? She's progressing well but I'm not sure whether I shall be glad or worry especially there is still a long way for the night time potty training...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ammonia Smell in the room? What did you do?

I wonder what you moms use or put or attach or... whatever... to get rid of the urine smell in the room? I'm referring to the smell from cloth diaper especially on a toddler. How to eliminate the smell if the diaper is to be worn overnight?

Sometimes, hubby or myself is awaken by the urine smell. Especially early in the morning... the whole room was like... Arrgh! Please share with me what's your tips??

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Calling all cloth addict ladies and gentlemen...

Just something to share with you all... Recently I found this interesting site - DiaperAsia It's an interesting forum discussing about cloth nappies and parenting stuff... Go check it out as they have monthly surprises as well!

Oh yeah... it's our very own Malaysian host! BOLEH lagi... :)

She did that! She finally able to do it on her own...

Alright, this is something my gal able to do since a few weeks ago but I never really record them down.

1) Able to open the side-snapping diaper on her own
2) Able to pull down her pants without anyone helping
3) Able to tell us she wants to pee even we were having dinner outside the house and refuse to pee in her diaper...

Isn't that amazing? She is not yet 2 years old and another fact is she's no longer wish to be in the diaper when it gets wet! So, no more changing diaper to be delayed for another 2-3 hours when she's awake... :( She will come to me and yelled :"Mummy, wet wet!!!" and she expects to be changed as fast as possible.

Basically she's diaperless at home and started to show that she understands that when time to pee is the time to go to the toilet even she's in a diaper. But this one is not 100% safe as accident still happens...

When your child starts to potty train and achieve the milestone... well, you will feel that you are the proudest mom! (Save more money as the child already reduce the use of nappies)

Monday, March 31, 2008

Review: Fitted Diaper - Itti Bitti Boo

100% BAMBOO side-snapping multiple size fitted diaper. This is the softest fitted diaper and come in various mouth-watering colour.

This is not recommended for heavywetter but it's a good diaper for daytime. More suitable for light to medium wetter. It doesn't come with stay-dry feature too.

Retain smell and definitely not so easy to wash compare to cotton diaper. But, it's not so hassle to wash compare to hemp.

Again the trimness wins!!! It's abit bulkier than Dream-Eze though as the snap in inner boaster is a triple fold plus one snap in boaster on top. But because it is so trim at the crotch area, you will definitely like it over others.

1) Very snug fitting, extra trim!
2) Very soft and comfortable
3) Trim

1) No sewn in fleece liner
2) May need to buy extra as it comes in multiple size
3) Takes longer time to dry
4) Require a diaper cover and it's the most expensive fitted diaper I had bought

Get it from: Lil Danzell

Rating: 4 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A View of Knitted Wool Soakers

Feel so nice to have 3 different sizes wool soakers knitted! Sorry for the distorted picture as the Large one (rightmost) is currently in use, so not many chance to have it stays in the cabinet. Therefore, this is a rare picture to have 3 of them together... LOL!

In fact size S and M are knitted from the same pattern but by the time I was knitting the M one, MIL and myself were worry the wool yarn might not be enough. Hence, we changed the pattern at the leg casing. Ta-dah! New pattern was borned! Oh yes, I used all 400meter wool yarn and left just a little bit for emergency use which I do not know when will need it.

I realized wool soaker will get bigger after several wash or use more often. Not sure about the wool cover? In fact, no need to get bigger size. Another good point is I have the chance to alter or loosen the leg casing opening when my gal's thigh grew bigger... later still can knit back to its original size. How fun!

Am I going to knit more? Probably... maybe will try wool longies but anyone want to sponsor me the wool yarn?

p/s: Knitting is very challenging... just imagine you have so many undo and redo till almost give up! No wonder knitted wool items are so expensive... But seeing the end products is simply rewarding...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Toilet/Potty Train

My gal's favourite diaper - Itti Bitti D'lish

in Rockmelon

Started to train my gal to use the toilet for 1 week plus now and the progress seems quite smooth along the way despite there are times that she refused to be co-operative. there are some time intervals for her to pee and she is able to tell when she wants to do her big business. Accidents happened and that's when lampin (the cotton gauze flat) is in the full use... to wipe the mess! LOL!!!

She is diaperless at daytime but still in diaper when she's napping and sleeping at night. Hence, we are having more diapers waiting to be used. I don't have to worry about raining days... this is so nice! Even when we went out shopping, the first destination we headed to is the toilet in order to encourage her to pee first. She did it and that save another diaper into the laundry...

I'm not planning to use any training pants at the moment since the accidents only happen 10% of all time. Moreover, I think I will be abit lazy to ask her going to the toilet if she's on a training pants... this is pyschology problem. the more I worry she will pee on the floor without a diaper, the more hardworking I will to encourage her to use the toilet or potty. Right now, she will give us signal or little movement to notify that it's time for her to pee. Seeing mummy wearing a panty also does the trick as she will ask to be given panty to wear too. She wants to be a big girl!

So, what to do with the minkee diapers? My gal said: " It's Pooh bear furcoat!" She loves to play with them and they are the favourite diaper she will be so glad to put on when we go out. She even will show off the minkee diaper that she's wearing!

Kids are so cute, aren't they?

Review: Fitted Diaper - Dream-Ez

100% organic cotton side-snapping multiple size diaper. This is the best night-time diaper for my super heavywetter! Unbelievable... but the absorbency beats down hemp and bamboo, I was surprise too!

It last at least 6 hours on my dd with no additional boaster. The more I will add is one stay-dry doubler as it doesn't come with stay-dry feature.

Must give credit to those who invented organic cotton diaper as it is very easy to wash and doesn't retain smell.

Simply in love with its trimness!!! Even trimmer than itti bitti bamboo fitted although they are almost the same in crotch sizing. The construction and design is the same with Dream-Eze AIO. The wings have 4 snaps (upper and lower) to adjust accordingly. Therefore, the wings are long and when they are overlapped, in fact that add more absorbency to the front of the diaper. Some may not like it as it will be a little bulky at the waist area but to me that's a bonus in having a little more absorbency as I don't see my gal having difficulty to sleep on her tummy too! It's very snug around waist and leg casing and never encounter leaking problem. this is also another low-rise diaper but don't worry as it won't fall, in fact low-rise is the key to trimness... I think... ;)


1) Very snug fitting, extra trim!

2) Does not retain smell

3) Absorbent diaper for heavywetter baby / toddler


1) No sewn in fleece liner

2) May need to buy extra as it comes in multiple size

3) Takes longest time to dry than all other fitted diapers in my gal's stash

4) Require a diaper cover and it works so wonderful when pairing with wool cover!

I love this diaper for its trimness, absorbent, side-snapping and easy to wash! I highly recommended this one for mummies with heavywetter.

Get it from: Miabambina

Rating: 5 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lanolizing Wool Soaker

I'm supposed to update this a long time ago but feel so lazy as it has so many pictures to be included. Well, I think I want to get it done so here goes... Oh yes, before I forgot, I have wool soaker but not the commercial wool cover and this one required to be hand-washed.

I used Lansinoh lanolin to lanolize the wool soaker... in fact as long as it's 100% pure lanolin any brand will do.
1) Firstly, get an empty container as we will need to melt the lanolin in it. Remember to use hot water for the melting purpose.

2) Next, a pea-sized of lanolin will be enough for a soaker. If you have wool longies I suppose you might need to use more lanolin.

3) Add hot water ( I don't use boiling hot but it works too) and you will notice the lanolin starts to melt. Cover the container and shake well. Preferably get a see through container with lid/cover so that you can shake it without pouring out and see for yourself whether it's already all melt.

4) I then let aside the lanolin and go straight to wash the wool soaker using warm water (please check whether your wool item can be washed in cold or warm?). I use the free gift from Sheepish Grin woolwash bar to wash the soaker. Lather on hands and rub all over with both hands or alternately I lather under the water and that produce the soapy water for washing.

5) Rinse the soaker and prepare a big container or washing pail that is big enough to lay the soaker in it. I think laying the wool soaker horizontal or vertical is not a problem. Please correct me if this has differences and purpose.
6) Set water level just to cover the wool item.

7) Pour the lanolin that was prepared earlier into the water and stir to mix. Let it set for at least 30 minutes or overnight. I prefer later but frankly speaking they don't differ in any way.

There you go, after lanolizing you will need to squeeze out excess water and air dry it. My wool soaker takes 2 days for 100% dry and after the lanolizing I can reuse it for at least a month without washing!!! Simply amazing....

Friday, February 29, 2008

She chose cloth!

It was raining yesterday. MIL put on disposable diaper for my dd as her lampin were all used and waiting to get dry. There are still a few fitted diaper in the cabinet so I took out the Itti Bitti Boo fitted and brought along the disposable diaper to stand by for the next change.

I showed my dd both cloth and disposable diaper and asked her to pick which one she wants to wear. You bet! She chose the Itti Bitti Boo fitted diaper! She told me it's "hairy" (the fur-like outer coat) and she loves fluffy outer layer of her diapers. On top of that, she loves to stroke on the minkee layer of her Itti Bitti D'lish and keeps on telling me that's the furcoat of her Pooh Bear! *fainted* Too bad... I don't have many diapers with minkee outer layer but having 1 or 2 already enough to make her day! LOL...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good Reference for Cloth Diaper Newbies!

Found this piece of advice/questionnaire when clearing my Inbox. I think it might help new moms who's still learning about CD... it was me who was also once clueless about CD seeking advice from one expert cloth mama. I can't believe I had asked so many questions!
Hope this help you too...

- soaker - refers to soaker used with Freshbots (Malaysian owned CD, made & design in Malaysia)

Brands for pocket diapers

- GAD - Green Acre Design
- BG - Bum Genius
- DB - Drybees
- MT - Mommy's Touch

1) What's the different between soaker vs prefold? Soaker only can be used in freshbots?
Soaker can be use in freshbots and you can stuff pocket diaper with that.
Soaker made from 2 layers of cotton.
Prefold is made from unbleached cotton twill and got more layers.

2) What is your personal experience with Gad insert, Wahmies, soaker & prefold?
GAD : is good. it can be adjust for small/medium OR Large,
Wahmies : it is very adjustable. using snaps, can fit small, medium , large or xtra large.
Soaker: dry longer because of cotton, must fold 3 times. will get stain easily
Prefold: good absorbency, I like to use with bummis cover.

3) Which one will last for longer time?
GAD or Wahmies, I'm using them for night time also (microfiber)

4) Which one is less hot, more breathable? coz my dd will get extremely cranky if she is hot.
All are made from microfiber. Except soaker and prefold.
You might want to try HEMP insert

5) Can the 4 inserts that I mentioned at no.4 interchange with each other on bumgenius, freshbots and GAD diaper? Or only soaker and prefold is meant for freshbots?
Wahmies, GAD, Soaker, Prefold all can be use for pocket diapers(BG,DB,MT)
but soaker/prefold can only be use with freshbots

I think I want to let you know my idea on which insert suit for which diaper like below. Do confirm with me on them:

a) bumgenius - (insert)GAD insert, prefolds, wahmies.


b) freshbots - (insert)soaker, prefolds, wahmies (?)NOT WAHMIES

c) GAD diaper- (insert) GAD insert, wahmies, prefolds (?)


d) MT - (insert) GAD insert, wahmies, prefolds, SOAKER ALSO

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Review: All In One (AIO) Nappy - Dream-Ez

Side-snapping multiple size diaper. 100% organic cotton for the inner soaker and PUL for outer layer All-In-One (AIO) diaper. This is also the first AIO I bought due to its trimness. How trim it can be? Comparable with Itti Bitti's diaper. Something similar about this two brand is they are both Made in China.

It last at least 3 hours on my dd. As it is an AIO, don't expect it can last longer on heavywetter. I was not so impress as the PUL layer will leak if wear longer than 3 hours! I alwasy found out my dd's pants was damp or wet. Only use this for outing as it is very convenient to wear, no stuffing required. It has no stay-dry layer but you can add a thin layer of fleece liner if you wish. I don't recommend to add stay-dry doubler as it will be bulky at the crotch area. It looks very uncomfortable to me.

The inner layer that consist of organic cotton is again, very easy to wash and doesn't retain smell. The inner layer only sewn tightly on one side at the back to secure on the PUL cover. Handwash is sufficient but wash together with other CD also is not a big issue.

I bet everyone will be in love with its trimness and L size fit so well on my dd. The wings have 4 snaps (upper and lower) to adjust accordingly. Therefore, the wings are long. Most of the time you will need to slip and fit properly the wing into the front when wearing it on the baby. Bear in mind that this is a low-rise diaper, not bulky and trim enough to pair it with pants. I mean jeans too!

Only 1 issue that I encountered, the leg casing left red marks on my dd's thigh when she wears it on too long. Especially right under the buttock area. Because of this, which means it's very snug - Zero leaking too! But need to check on her more often to avoid the red mark.

1) Very snug fitting, extra trim!
2) Does not retain smell
3) Easy to use, no stuffing required

1) No sewn in fleece liner
2) May need to buy extra as it comes in multiple size
3) Takes longer time to dry and I mean it even takes longer than some fitted diaper
4) PUL is not waterproof as leaking happens

Basically, I love this diaper for its trimness and convenient to use. Some may not like the inner soaker dangling with only one side is being sewn but this is up to you to judge it. It works but maybe because I have a heavywetter, therefore it's not really very lasting to use.

Get it from: Miabambina

Rating: 4 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

She's wet at midnight!

I knew I shouldn't use PUL cover on the fitted
I knew the fitted is not fully primed yet
I knew I should change her right after she fell asleep
I knew I shouldn't dozed off earlier than her...

Encountered dd's pyjamas was half wet from the buttock (up till tummy and down till knees area) at 3.30am early in the morning. Quickly change her with a whole new set of pyjamas and into BG pocket diaper. Pocket diaper is always standby for emergency access.

Lesson learnt (also a reminder for myself):
- Never use unfully primed fitted as night diaper if you have a heavywetter. However, it is alright for day time use.

- Avoid using PUL cover if you realized it is not fully cover the whole fitted (as fitted is more bulky especially with boaster and so on therefore has small gap that will lead to leaking)

- Use wool cover for leak-free protection as wool will absorb the wetness instead of the cotton pyjamas to absorb the wetness

- Be more caution when your child take in some amount of fluid / milk right before bedtime.

I wish I have wool longies to replace wool soaker and cotton pants...

Lampin for heavywetter or toddler?

This is the cotton flat or lampin... don't throw away them if you are still having. Reuse them as they can be insert for pocket diaper or if you can sew, make them into prefold. The challenge for toddler to use lampin is to increase the absorbency.

Place small insert or doubler at the middle fold of lampin.

The small insert is hide under the layer so it won't in direct contact with baby's skin.

There you go, extra more absorbency on old flat! MIL is a huge fan of lampin and this is only good for daytime use at home with a diaper cover.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Facts about bamboo as fabric...

"Bamboo has the capacity to be one of the greenest materials on earth, but thanks in part to its popularity, bamboo growth has become somewhat exploited. And the lack of transparency in fiber processing makes it hard to declare bamboo fabrics wholly green."

- taken from The Green Guide
How Green Are Bamboo Clothes?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Review: Fitted Diaper - Loveybum Organic Cotton Fitted


Multiple size 100% organic cotton fitted diaper. Loveybum has fitted in colour but I always go for undye/uncolored as I believe in order to reduce skin sensitivity, avoid those fancy and colourful prints especially those in direct contact with the skin. Well, that's just me... sounds boring with mostly natural colour for the fitted? It's just a personal preferences. :)
It is a side snapping diaper and comes with one snap in soaker in the same material.

It last at least 3 hours on my dd with the soaker. Quite impressing as a fully cotton fitted as it's absorbency is comparable to bamboo too! Definitely a day time diaper.

Surprisingly, cotton fitted doesn't retain odour much compare to other material. It wash out quite easily and very soon you will find that it's odour-free without extra rinse. Normally 2 or most 3 rinses in a small bucket of water is sufficient. I'm loving organic cotton fitted!

The construction of this fitted is excellent, it is trimmer and fit so well on my dd. She's wearing a size L though very snug and fit but never leave any red marks. I first thought L will be small for her and afraid of the red mark issue but turn out none! I guess it's not made to add more boaster? Since the fitted is already very fitting with the snap in soaker. I simply in love with the design of the leg casing... look at the picture below and you will know what I mean. :)
Therefore, zero worry for leaking problem.
There are 3 snaps on each wing so that you can adjust accordingly. Very well design even though it made me tried and practiced a few times before I got on how and where to snap.

1) Very snug fitting
2) Does not retain smell
3) Easy to wash among all fitted due to its material (cotton)

1) No sewn in fleece liner
2) May need to buy extra as it comes in multiple size
3) Definitely need a diaper cover
4) Will looks wrinkle after many use (can we iron it?? Joking...)

Basically, this is a good day time fitted diaper, you will love the fit and the construction of this diaper so much!

Get it from: Baby Tots & Mom

Rating: 5 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Grown back into M size??

Was wondering why my dd's GAD size L pocket diaper becomes so loose? Tried back size M and she still fit in the largest setting (the most outer snaps) of it! Amazing??!! Not really I suspect she lost some chubby fat around her thigh, perhaps? Waistline still tight... well, not really tight but very fitting in M size.

Now I understand why the OS fit all diaper can last till the child is 3 years old but this really depends on the child's body built from time to time. If I have a child who keep on growing bigger, I think that's another story.

Later, I found out the leg casing elastic of the GAD diaper in fact are getting loose! No wonder the thigh area is so wide even I use the most inner snap. I check back all the diaper stash and I found there are some still with very good leg casing elastic but not all. BG still in great condition even it's the first CD I bought.

So, basically reasons baby can downside:
1) baby already slim down... growing taller
2) bigger size is still big on her
3) elastic loosen and this is true at particular area like leg casing and waistline (this is where you will encounter why there's always leaking issue)


1) Whether stuffing too many inserts can cause the elastic to become loose faster? I stuff one GAD microfiber or large microfiber with GAD hemp in largest setting for pocket diaper.

2) Do you stuff inserts inside pocket diaper to be prepared for use even they are lying inside the cabinet/drawer? And will this contribute to loose elastic at leg casing?

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Review: Fitted Diaper - Baby Beehind Hemp Fitted

One-Size fit all 55% hemp and 45% cotton fleece fitted diaper. They are 2 types of design, one with colour threading at the diaper's edging like the one shown here and another one is without colour threading.

No problem with 6-7 hours on my heavywetter and by the time I change her the diaper is soaking wet and heavy too! It has total of 11 layers: 1 small snap in soaker and 1 very long (which you can fold according to the need) snap in hemp soaker. Easy to wash with a few water rinses. Not that easy to retain odour but internal snap-in soaker need extra rinse.

I love the construction of this OS fitted, trim and not even bulky with 2 snap in soakers. Still fit my 20 months old in largest setting and the leg casing is very snug fit. I guess the elastic used is a quality one as it still maintain its shape very well till today.

1) One size fit all
2) Very snug and not bulky
3) Does not retain smell as compare to bamboo
4) Easy to wash. Can wash in cold or hot (occassionally)

1) Longer time to dry
2) The snap-in soaker need more extra rinse to get rid of the smell
3) Definitely need a diaper cover

This is a good fitted diaper for heavywetter but I do blog about the characteristics of hemp. But if taken with good care, this should be a good addition to the diaper stash.

Get it from: Nice Cloth Diaper

Rating: 5 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

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