Sunday, August 10, 2008

I stop buying... but I lied!

I really stop getting more CD and these are latest addition for the coming newborn. I think it's enough since I will be using more lampin (flat cotton gauze) for newborn till it's not absorbent enough. Well, why need to buy more since the purpose to use cloth diapers is to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle!

Prefer to use lampin with diaper cover and I have 6 small & newborn diaper covers from Bummis and Prorap. Thanks to Rebecca for the 2 free NB cover even they are seconds. The Prorap Classic thanks to a mama from US (you know who you are :) ...) who helped to carry all the way from US back to KL, not forgetting a few more other fitted and pocket diaper. Luckily the custom didn't make any trouble.

Another diaper cover that I love... it got to be woolen!!! Never buy any wool cover but lots of wool yarn and turned them into... Ta-dah!!!

Oh yes... I still knit though...

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