Friday, January 22, 2010

Hand knitting woolies

After receiving many requests and here I am open up for orders.

I'm still in progress working out the pricing, it's really a tough job. But basically the price will
include the cost of the wool yarn, shipping and last but not least my hourly time spend.

PLEASE, please, please bear with me as I'm a mom to 2 young kids, therefore it will takes a little longer time to complete one longies or soaker.

Note: The bigger size it is, the longer time it takes.

These are some policies :

1) It will takes around 2-3 weeks for the wool yarn to arrive (am ordering from overseas). Hence, the knitting project will only start when I received the yarn. So when I mention it will takes 3 weeks to complete, the week will start after I receive the yarn or when I email you to notify (if previously I'm working on other's woolies).

2) Full payment shall be made before I place order to buy yarn or before I start knitting.

3) All patterns are licensed (I'm paying for them). I refuse to knit free pattern for sale.

4) All wool soaker / longies/ shorties will be washed and lanolised before I send to you.

5) All orders will be in queue, meaning first come first serve unless there's special arrangement agreed among each parties.

6) If you are looking for woolies specially for super heavywetter, feel free to contact me. It will be a different quote.

7) This is ONLY applicable to MALAYSIAN customers. Payment can be made via online transfer - Maybank and CIMB. Customer outside Malaysia please email me separately.

General Sizing chart for Wool Longies (in inches)

Size S

Hip - 19
Rise - 16
Inseam - 6.5

Price: Starting from RM135

Size M

Hip - 20
Rise - 18
Inseam - 8

Price: Starting at RM155

Size L (special request)

Hip - 22
Rise - 19+
Inseam - 10+

Price: Starting at RM185

Price for Wool Shorties - less RM18 from the pricing of wool longies.

Note: If you need sizing customization, feel free to email me.

Looking for Wool Soaker?


Anonymous said...
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Hanz said...

Sharine, like to order one wool soaker please...please email me at

Unsure on the sizes as wool & fitted are very new to me.I will inform the exact measurememnt to u soon.

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