Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aussie brand modern cloth nappy/diaper

Hmm... I wonder how come our very own CD e-store seldom venture into Aussie brand nappies? In fact, there are also quite good quality and nice workmanship too. The one that we know in our market are BabyBeehind (all time favourite), Cute Tooshies, Itti Bitti, and the latest Cushie Tushies AI2 / AIO.

Maybe because Aussie brand never appear in DiaperPin? Well, we all know that DiaperPin is US based... any idea CD reviews on Aussie brand?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

DIY: Non-Sew Prefold

Guess what? You can make this out using 2 pieces of lampin!

Can't wait to share with you all the new found method that I had tried and now using this everyday (except nap and outing of course) on my boy! It is easy and can hold up to at least 2-3 pees till all wet... So, no need to be restless in changing lampin after 1 pee. As I always say, don't throw away your old lampin, they are still very useful.

The picture below show you what you need to have... sorry as I forgot to include a Snappi as well.

Here goes:

2x lampin
1 or 2 nappy liner (for baby's bum to feel dry)
1 Snappi

Optional - 1 diaper cover

Fold one lampin (the first lampin) into rectangular, it's tri-folded. This is as the center, the absorbent part.

Open up wide the other lampin ( the second lampin) and place the rectangular lampin at the center of it.

Fold down the top and bottom layers of the second lampin as shown in the pic above.

Fold up the edge of the left of the second lampin to form the "wing". Do the same for the right side.

Then, fold again on the "wing" one more time to make it longer and trimmer. In fact you can do wahtever way you like with the wing. Do share with me if you find other better method. I fold it again because I want a more thicker wing.
Basically it is the second lampin "hugging" the first lampin. LOL...

This is the look after the "wing" that I desire been folded up (turn your head to your right... sorry as I forgot to change the rotation of the pic) and I placed the nappy liner at the center. It looks like Optimus Prime from Transformers, isn't it? LOL... just joking...

Put baby at the center and pull up the center part.

The "wing" is a bit tricky as I will do a twist to it when the "wing" comes to the center. It's not easy to explain here but you can try it out and see.

Pull on the other side of the "wing" and twist it down at the center.

Fasten with Snappi. Can you see how I twisted the right "wing" down?

Closer look...

The side of the legs... I have to admit it's quite big and not snuggly. But very breathable as air can flow in.. LOL! Therefore this non-sew prefold is NOT SUITABLE for baby with explosive breastfeed poo poo.

Advantages of this non-sewn prefold:
1. Can use with Snappi and free of scratchy and poke from the sharp "teeth" of Snappi. Better than 1 lampin with Snappi.
2. More absorbent than 1 lampin and can change baby after 2-3 pees.
3. Breathable if not cover-up, good for daytime when baby is awake.
4. Reuse the traditional cloth with modern inspiration so that you don't throw away your existing lampin.
Need more absorbency? Try to add this at the center of the first lampin.
Enjoy and let me know what do you think...

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