Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Babylegs... Leg warmies...

Discovered the goodness of baby leg warmies just recently... well, I knitted wool soakers and longies to be used with fitted diapers. In real life, it is bulky to use on small baby who is a heavywetter. Oh... I love to add booster or doubler for my heavywetter baby. Therefore, the bum looks so big with the diaper & wool cover. It looks so uncomfortable when the bum is higher than the head. Get what I mean?
If you have baby leg warmies or babylegs as some of you known, it is a great alternative solution while waiting baby to grow big.

Thank god I knitted a pair to try out. DS will be warm with them when wearing fitted diaper with cover (be it PUL or wool). I'm knitting another pair now...

Monday, December 22, 2008

How to wash CD with breastfed baby's poo poo?

Can dear CD mummies share with me what is your routine or how do you wash the CD with those yellowish stain on CD? Most of the CD manufacturer mentioned no need to soak CD but I realized the poo poo stain is not easily to wash off. At least soaking for half day then only can ensure it's 100% clean after spin and dry in washing machine.

Besides that, I found out laying a piece or two nappy liner on top of CD reduce the staining directly on the fleece and it ease the washing too. Mind to share your tips?

Oh before I forgot I don't use CD whole day... only 2-3 piece of pocket + fitted. Therefore, I never do spin and rinse in the washing machine before full wash. Or... maybe I should?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh No!!!

Bleach & too much detergent!

This is my fault as I never inform my maid not to use bleach. Saw a few fleece liner carried some colourful "dye" from other baby clothes few days back. Surprisingly they are gone when I checked again. Needless to say, she used bleach on them.

I didn't scold her but tell her the correct way to wash CD and too much detergent discovered by smelling. That one I don't blame her as she got big load of washing everyday so I manage to rinse a few times on my own.

Actually, what type of damage cause by bleach? Any idea? I shall monitor on any changes especially the performance of those affected CD.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why Disposable Diaper?

Because it's already available since so long ago and everyone can't live without it. Quite true for today's lifestyle. Sometimes it is unavoidable and I have to admit that I'm using it while still finding solutions to convert to cloth with my second bub.

I bet you know what I mean here, people nowadays use money to buy technology and convenient. Agree?

As for my case, having now 2 heavywetter babies, I experimented different types of solutions for night time and daytime. It won't last long if I never add boaster or extra doubler. Therefore, the CD (be it pocket or fitted) will be thicker or bulkier. Wool is good for heavywetter when pair with absorbent fitted diaper but wool is not thin though. On the other hand, no worry about this with sposies.

I'm not sure about other brestfeed mothers but it's quite terrible for me to use CD when my baby No.2 is here as I was struggling and stress out with breasfeeding. I was so weak and tired to explore about what to use for CDing for more absorbency for my newborn (DS) due to not enough rest. (Maybe I have too many CD's options to think of?) At least disposable can be used for at least 8-10 hours without leak, so that I can concentrate to breastfeed.

My elder child (DD) is supposed to potty-train at night but since I am taking care of DS, MIL helps me to take care of her now. MIL is not really supportive on CD as those I used on my DD are too bulky for her. Maybe it's true as DD already able to tell and always asked us to take off CD at mid-night. DD sometimes refuse to wake up and pee at night, so for "safety" purpose and in order to absorb pee from a heavywetter toddler MIL uses disposable on her even during naptime.

Stay-Dry Layer
I'm doubt about my DS developed very serious skin allergy when using CD in the first 2 weeks but it's fine and even better when using disposable. This must be the chemical material used in sposies that keep the bum dry. CD uses cloths and probably clothes will become damp after too many wettings. Therefore, the skin that in contact with damp CD is definitely not a wonderful thing. Frequent changing is also important even for modern CD. Do you know what they use in sposies to keep baby's bum dry?

I'm not promoting disposable diaper. I'm comparing the pro and con from both CD and sposies. I hope there are even thinner fitted diapers or inserts available so that to minus off the bulkiness. What features do you hope to have from disposable that can turn into modern CD in the future?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Small Size?

This is the reason why I said my newborn baby fit in GAD pocket diaper so well! It's so tiny compare to other brands such as Fuzzi Bunz in the pic. I wonder whether there's any standard for cloth diaper sizing?

Oh... the Small size of Fuzzi Bunz is actually same as the Medium of GAD pocket. My baby boy is 5.1kg now at 7 weeks old and Small GAD seems a little tight on him as I'm already using the most front snaps for both waist and thigh (as you can see from the pic above). Feel not so satisfy with the thigh's snaps because even I snap on the most front (due to baby has chubby thigh), it still leaks when baby sleeps sideway.
In fact, it's not necessary to invest too much on Newborn size CD as baby grows too fast before you realized they are unable to fit in anymore. Anyway, remember to check on what brands that you wish to invest as different brands of CD carry different sizing.

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