Monday, November 14, 2011


It's been so long I never blog here... DS already 3 years old and only wearing on nappy for his night time. Totally in control for his pee and poo very well at day time. Besids that, he is also good at complaining which led to refuse to wear bulky CD compare to slim and sleek Pampers! (aka Disposable diaper).

I was so sad at the beginning knowing that DS won't be using any fitted diapers as well as my handknitted wool soaker or shorties. At the beginning he was alright if I put him on CD for afternoon nap. Then, he complained pain here and there and thus hubby and MIL said he didn't feel comfortable to wear CD. Well, not using that on him for nap time and we changed to disposable even sometimes he ever pee during his nap.

A few months later, maybe 2 months or so he refuse to put on fitted diaper and wool soaker at night. I will leave him on his pyjamas, wearing the fitted diaper and wool soaker after he felt asleep. That was about 11-1am. Ever since I started to work, I was unable to cope with this type of lifestyle since I am so tired after whole day working. My mind keeps reminds me to stay awake but my body switched to "OFF" mode. Well, to play safe, we have to switch to disposable diaper. DS is happy to wear on the pull-up disposable pants as if he's wearing his underwear. So no battle before bed and I get back my sanity. It's just a real fact that DS did complain his "pull up pants" is hot and I found his butt sweating.... Imagine wearing a plastic over your head! LOL....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to determine your child is a heavywetter or lightwetter?

Sounds tricky but it is true that you will be able to find out after you switch to using CD. This is especially more obvious when you use CD at night time... or leave the CD on the child for 2-3 hours... then you can find out.

In fact, I realized there are many factors that can contribute to having a heavywetter baby. Well, at least this is more obvious when your baby becomes a toddler.

During daytime
This is more tricky as during the day, they tends to have different fluid / milk intake and when baby was soaking wet with a normal pocket diaper with microfiber insert for less than 2 hours then probably you need to boost with hemp or bamboo and see the difference.

During nighttime
1) Drink milk / water just before bed. Or ask (including mummy offer milk for breastfed baby) for milk during midnight.
2) Never pee before going to bed.

Guess what... there were a few nights which my DS refused to wear either CD or disposable to bed and I, being a good sleeper mummy forgot to check on him after he slept. Normally I can feel the wet bed sheet after 1-2 hours he visits the La-la-land. Then the next pee will be somewhere around 6-7am. This is also the same scenario with my DD last time. When they grow older into toddler-hood, I have difficulties getting a super absorbent fitted diapers with minimal layers because their volume already increase with a better control of the bladder system. I still remember I need to change my DD's fitted diaper and the wool cover every morning around 6 or 7am into fleece or PUL pocket diaper. In other words, more work is needed.

Come to think of it if I were using disposable diapers on her, I don't think I will realized her "pee habit" so fast. This is particularly important and helpful in later when you decide to potty train your child at night because you need to know the timing.

Now, about lightwetter? I think if the child never meets the above conditions, then most probably he or she is a medium or lightwetter. Please share with me the facts about lightwetter child if you know any... Most welcome to hear others' stories too...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Time to say goodbye...

Yeah... been neglecting this blog for quite a long time and guess what! My dear son already nappy-less for daytime except nap and he's already able to tell us when he needs to pee and poo. Great achievement for parent who is looking forward for moment like this... Woo hoo!!!

There had been many episodes during the few months where my family members and myself were trying continuously to potty-train my DS until we felt so fed-up and frustrated. He's 29 months old now... almost 3 years old. Many told me boys tend to be slower than girls for toilet-training or I should agree that it's even harder to get him up wee wee at night. He's one bad temper guy who dislike people disturb him when he's in his dreamland.

At age like this, he outgrew many cloth diapers and fitted nappies mostly due to low rise or the fit is somehow not hugging nicely on him. Yes, he rejected to wear CD, especially bulky CD to go to bed. Lately, he refuse to wear any dipes before go to sleep! Guess he realized he's a big boy now... well, a boy who still wet his bed though. Not very fond in wearing woolies as well... Last resort, I need to use disposable diapers when nothing seems right to him.

These are some I'm letting go as second. Am going to update in Diaperswap Forum too. You found any interested CD for your little one? Let me know, ok? :)

 Fitted Diapers

Fleece Pocket Diaper
 PUL Pocket Diaper

Diaper Cover

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