Friday, February 29, 2008

She chose cloth!

It was raining yesterday. MIL put on disposable diaper for my dd as her lampin were all used and waiting to get dry. There are still a few fitted diaper in the cabinet so I took out the Itti Bitti Boo fitted and brought along the disposable diaper to stand by for the next change.

I showed my dd both cloth and disposable diaper and asked her to pick which one she wants to wear. You bet! She chose the Itti Bitti Boo fitted diaper! She told me it's "hairy" (the fur-like outer coat) and she loves fluffy outer layer of her diapers. On top of that, she loves to stroke on the minkee layer of her Itti Bitti D'lish and keeps on telling me that's the furcoat of her Pooh Bear! *fainted* Too bad... I don't have many diapers with minkee outer layer but having 1 or 2 already enough to make her day! LOL...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good Reference for Cloth Diaper Newbies!

Found this piece of advice/questionnaire when clearing my Inbox. I think it might help new moms who's still learning about CD... it was me who was also once clueless about CD seeking advice from one expert cloth mama. I can't believe I had asked so many questions!
Hope this help you too...

- soaker - refers to soaker used with Freshbots (Malaysian owned CD, made & design in Malaysia)

Brands for pocket diapers

- GAD - Green Acre Design
- BG - Bum Genius
- DB - Drybees
- MT - Mommy's Touch

1) What's the different between soaker vs prefold? Soaker only can be used in freshbots?
Soaker can be use in freshbots and you can stuff pocket diaper with that.
Soaker made from 2 layers of cotton.
Prefold is made from unbleached cotton twill and got more layers.

2) What is your personal experience with Gad insert, Wahmies, soaker & prefold?
GAD : is good. it can be adjust for small/medium OR Large,
Wahmies : it is very adjustable. using snaps, can fit small, medium , large or xtra large.
Soaker: dry longer because of cotton, must fold 3 times. will get stain easily
Prefold: good absorbency, I like to use with bummis cover.

3) Which one will last for longer time?
GAD or Wahmies, I'm using them for night time also (microfiber)

4) Which one is less hot, more breathable? coz my dd will get extremely cranky if she is hot.
All are made from microfiber. Except soaker and prefold.
You might want to try HEMP insert

5) Can the 4 inserts that I mentioned at no.4 interchange with each other on bumgenius, freshbots and GAD diaper? Or only soaker and prefold is meant for freshbots?
Wahmies, GAD, Soaker, Prefold all can be use for pocket diapers(BG,DB,MT)
but soaker/prefold can only be use with freshbots

I think I want to let you know my idea on which insert suit for which diaper like below. Do confirm with me on them:

a) bumgenius - (insert)GAD insert, prefolds, wahmies.


b) freshbots - (insert)soaker, prefolds, wahmies (?)NOT WAHMIES

c) GAD diaper- (insert) GAD insert, wahmies, prefolds (?)


d) MT - (insert) GAD insert, wahmies, prefolds, SOAKER ALSO

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Review: All In One (AIO) Nappy - Dream-Ez

Side-snapping multiple size diaper. 100% organic cotton for the inner soaker and PUL for outer layer All-In-One (AIO) diaper. This is also the first AIO I bought due to its trimness. How trim it can be? Comparable with Itti Bitti's diaper. Something similar about this two brand is they are both Made in China.

It last at least 3 hours on my dd. As it is an AIO, don't expect it can last longer on heavywetter. I was not so impress as the PUL layer will leak if wear longer than 3 hours! I alwasy found out my dd's pants was damp or wet. Only use this for outing as it is very convenient to wear, no stuffing required. It has no stay-dry layer but you can add a thin layer of fleece liner if you wish. I don't recommend to add stay-dry doubler as it will be bulky at the crotch area. It looks very uncomfortable to me.

The inner layer that consist of organic cotton is again, very easy to wash and doesn't retain smell. The inner layer only sewn tightly on one side at the back to secure on the PUL cover. Handwash is sufficient but wash together with other CD also is not a big issue.

I bet everyone will be in love with its trimness and L size fit so well on my dd. The wings have 4 snaps (upper and lower) to adjust accordingly. Therefore, the wings are long. Most of the time you will need to slip and fit properly the wing into the front when wearing it on the baby. Bear in mind that this is a low-rise diaper, not bulky and trim enough to pair it with pants. I mean jeans too!

Only 1 issue that I encountered, the leg casing left red marks on my dd's thigh when she wears it on too long. Especially right under the buttock area. Because of this, which means it's very snug - Zero leaking too! But need to check on her more often to avoid the red mark.

1) Very snug fitting, extra trim!
2) Does not retain smell
3) Easy to use, no stuffing required

1) No sewn in fleece liner
2) May need to buy extra as it comes in multiple size
3) Takes longer time to dry and I mean it even takes longer than some fitted diaper
4) PUL is not waterproof as leaking happens

Basically, I love this diaper for its trimness and convenient to use. Some may not like the inner soaker dangling with only one side is being sewn but this is up to you to judge it. It works but maybe because I have a heavywetter, therefore it's not really very lasting to use.

Get it from: Miabambina

Rating: 4 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

She's wet at midnight!

I knew I shouldn't use PUL cover on the fitted
I knew the fitted is not fully primed yet
I knew I should change her right after she fell asleep
I knew I shouldn't dozed off earlier than her...

Encountered dd's pyjamas was half wet from the buttock (up till tummy and down till knees area) at 3.30am early in the morning. Quickly change her with a whole new set of pyjamas and into BG pocket diaper. Pocket diaper is always standby for emergency access.

Lesson learnt (also a reminder for myself):
- Never use unfully primed fitted as night diaper if you have a heavywetter. However, it is alright for day time use.

- Avoid using PUL cover if you realized it is not fully cover the whole fitted (as fitted is more bulky especially with boaster and so on therefore has small gap that will lead to leaking)

- Use wool cover for leak-free protection as wool will absorb the wetness instead of the cotton pyjamas to absorb the wetness

- Be more caution when your child take in some amount of fluid / milk right before bedtime.

I wish I have wool longies to replace wool soaker and cotton pants...

Lampin for heavywetter or toddler?

This is the cotton flat or lampin... don't throw away them if you are still having. Reuse them as they can be insert for pocket diaper or if you can sew, make them into prefold. The challenge for toddler to use lampin is to increase the absorbency.

Place small insert or doubler at the middle fold of lampin.

The small insert is hide under the layer so it won't in direct contact with baby's skin.

There you go, extra more absorbency on old flat! MIL is a huge fan of lampin and this is only good for daytime use at home with a diaper cover.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Facts about bamboo as fabric...

"Bamboo has the capacity to be one of the greenest materials on earth, but thanks in part to its popularity, bamboo growth has become somewhat exploited. And the lack of transparency in fiber processing makes it hard to declare bamboo fabrics wholly green."

- taken from The Green Guide
How Green Are Bamboo Clothes?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Review: Fitted Diaper - Loveybum Organic Cotton Fitted


Multiple size 100% organic cotton fitted diaper. Loveybum has fitted in colour but I always go for undye/uncolored as I believe in order to reduce skin sensitivity, avoid those fancy and colourful prints especially those in direct contact with the skin. Well, that's just me... sounds boring with mostly natural colour for the fitted? It's just a personal preferences. :)
It is a side snapping diaper and comes with one snap in soaker in the same material.

It last at least 3 hours on my dd with the soaker. Quite impressing as a fully cotton fitted as it's absorbency is comparable to bamboo too! Definitely a day time diaper.

Surprisingly, cotton fitted doesn't retain odour much compare to other material. It wash out quite easily and very soon you will find that it's odour-free without extra rinse. Normally 2 or most 3 rinses in a small bucket of water is sufficient. I'm loving organic cotton fitted!

The construction of this fitted is excellent, it is trimmer and fit so well on my dd. She's wearing a size L though very snug and fit but never leave any red marks. I first thought L will be small for her and afraid of the red mark issue but turn out none! I guess it's not made to add more boaster? Since the fitted is already very fitting with the snap in soaker. I simply in love with the design of the leg casing... look at the picture below and you will know what I mean. :)
Therefore, zero worry for leaking problem.
There are 3 snaps on each wing so that you can adjust accordingly. Very well design even though it made me tried and practiced a few times before I got on how and where to snap.

1) Very snug fitting
2) Does not retain smell
3) Easy to wash among all fitted due to its material (cotton)

1) No sewn in fleece liner
2) May need to buy extra as it comes in multiple size
3) Definitely need a diaper cover
4) Will looks wrinkle after many use (can we iron it?? Joking...)

Basically, this is a good day time fitted diaper, you will love the fit and the construction of this diaper so much!

Get it from: Baby Tots & Mom

Rating: 5 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Grown back into M size??

Was wondering why my dd's GAD size L pocket diaper becomes so loose? Tried back size M and she still fit in the largest setting (the most outer snaps) of it! Amazing??!! Not really I suspect she lost some chubby fat around her thigh, perhaps? Waistline still tight... well, not really tight but very fitting in M size.

Now I understand why the OS fit all diaper can last till the child is 3 years old but this really depends on the child's body built from time to time. If I have a child who keep on growing bigger, I think that's another story.

Later, I found out the leg casing elastic of the GAD diaper in fact are getting loose! No wonder the thigh area is so wide even I use the most inner snap. I check back all the diaper stash and I found there are some still with very good leg casing elastic but not all. BG still in great condition even it's the first CD I bought.

So, basically reasons baby can downside:
1) baby already slim down... growing taller
2) bigger size is still big on her
3) elastic loosen and this is true at particular area like leg casing and waistline (this is where you will encounter why there's always leaking issue)


1) Whether stuffing too many inserts can cause the elastic to become loose faster? I stuff one GAD microfiber or large microfiber with GAD hemp in largest setting for pocket diaper.

2) Do you stuff inserts inside pocket diaper to be prepared for use even they are lying inside the cabinet/drawer? And will this contribute to loose elastic at leg casing?

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