Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Unbearable Smell

After using cloth diapers for more than 1 year (Oh... not forgetting surveying and trying non-stop too...) finally I think I know the reason on why the ammonia smell can be so strong. Remember this post?

First of all, thanks ladies for sharing with me about the possible causes and solutions. After trial and tested on my own... and I really mean it (as I did all the laundry by hand or machine wash while there were no maid at home for more than a month). Thank goodness that my gal is not "producing" more diapers to wash nowadays, I can really can take my time to explore and experience more.

These are facts:

1) Once baby/toddler is introduced more to variety of solid food, the urine smells stronger.

2) Baby/toddler who is lack of fluid (best describe my gal!) produces terrible ammonia smell.

3) Diaper that is not clean throughly really double up the smell (imagine old and new urine combined... Yucks!!!) Well, it is possible to clean the diaper by handwash with extra rinse and I mean no machine wash here (of course for minimal amount of diapers) :P

4) Too little (using not enough) or too much (rinsing part need to be more) of detergent does affect the cleanliness of the diaper and insert.

5) Microfiber retain ammonia smell much more than natural fiber insert such as hemp, cotton and bamboo. Therefore, I'm reluctant to get more diaper with microfiber insert and will think twice if it's (microfiber insert) a sewn in AIO!!!

6) Soaking the insert will cause more work on washing and rinsing to get rid of the smell. So, soaking is not necessary! (I'm taking into consideration on those who handwash as well)

Anything to add??

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