Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Use or not use?

I'm in the middle of making a VERY SERIOUS decision... on whether to use training pants for my 18 months old DS. I'm keen to try on using training pants as DS already started to fuss whenever he pee and asked to get the just-wet diaper away. He is now able to hold pee for 1-2 hours during day time.

The problem now is the timing... DS already starts to tell when he wants to pee and by the time we get to him, it's done. Meaning he's already wee wee on his diaper and yet he asked us to remove the diaper from him. I feel so frustrated since everytime I tried to unsnap or remove his diaper, zero time to use a potty.

That's why I've been thinking to get him some pull up-down type training pants with the ability to add insert into. Not really start any survey on training pants as Malaysian CD e-store has limited choices, isn't it? Any recommendation?

Another heartbroken fact is DS REFUSE to wear any woolies!!! Being a wool lover mama, this is a bad news. Well, will try to put on him after he fall asleep. This is also another reason I'm sourcing some fleece pocket diaper for night use. PUL cover (Hello back for Bummis!) also become another alternative nowadays... (yes, been abandoned ever since I'm crazy about wool).

Lesson learnt: Never sell CD that is not your favourite, you might need it one day and you'll never know!

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