Friday, September 26, 2008

Advise needed to use napkin with diaper cover!

Obviously the lampin when folded in rectangular shape is bigger than the S size diaper cover. That's a Bummis Super Wrap in S. I think this won't be a nice fold up for breasfeeding baby with lots of poo poo as the lampin won't be able to catch the poo near the leg casing area, isn't it? I mean the poo poo will have the tendency to "dirty" the diaper cover straight away...

Personally, I still perfer the traditional lampn folding in triangular shape as there will be extra cloth cover the thigh. Hiow to fold this into the diaper cover? Mommies who used diaper cover with lampin on breastfeed baby, please share with me how did you fold the lampin??

This is Bummis diaper cover too but in NewBorn size. Lampin definitely can't squeeze in no matter how I folded... So, it's very good to use with small insert. I put the nappy liner on top of the insert and lay it flat on the diaper cover. It's so easy... I wonder are there any fleece sock (just like the Cotton Babies Sock) available in such a smallest size???

Trying out Snappi

Was wondering how to use Snappi on fitted diaper... I got one NB fitted nappy made by a mama from Aussie (thanks for sending me, Bec!) without any snap or velcro closure. I Was wondering whether Snappi can be used and how to hook it on...

When you lay the fitted flat and try to hook, it won't work... my mum told me about this and experiment with me before.

So, I tried to assume a baby is wearing the fitted like below:-

Yeah... I stuffed the fitted diaper with my gal's singlet after I rolled it. The fitted became fuller in the body and I tried with Snappi to hook it onw and Yes! It did work! Looks like Snappi is good to use with fitted diaper or prefold (thicker) and not so good with cloth napkin /muslin as they are too thin. Well, all these while I never try Snappi on fitted but heard alot saying that it goes well with fitted and prefold. Therefore, this is my first experiment... :)

Got to practise a few times to hook it more securely...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The first batch of Drybees OS Bamboo fitted diaper

I was very shocked when I found out there are some pinkish spots on the Drybees OS Bamboo fitted. Due to it is not an absorbent fitted diaper for my gal... I stopped using it for almost 4-5 months and when I last checked on it ... I was so heartache as I looked closely, the fabric is like been "eaten up"!

Especially at the wing snap area...The most serious part and I realized the pinkish spots started spreading to the other part of the diaper after I checked it again after a few weeks!

It looks so horrible but I really have no idea what to do as it was washed and kept the same way and same place with all the others fitted diapers. One obvious difference is I don't use this diaper anymore for a long long time and am not sure whether this is the cause? This is the first batch of Drybees bamboo carried in last year July when US first launched. I still remember I per-ordered it through Miabambina.

See the affected fabric? I don't dare to wear it on my baby anymore... it feels "geli". I discussed this problem with Miabambina as that time this diaper still not even 1 year old yet! Luckily there is a 1 year warranty and Miabambina sent me a brand new one! Hurray!
Thanks alot to Miabambina and I hope all the CD sellers in Malaysia can provide clear information and guidance about what we, the CD mamas can do if we have defected diapers. Always check whether there are any warranty for the diaper... you will never know...


Hurry! Sales at eZmotherhood!

Starts from today, 18 September till 24 September 2008. I was shopping like a mad lady, so don't miss the sales! They are so many items on BIG BIG SALES!!!

Dear mommies, go shop till you drop ... :P

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