Thursday, March 26, 2009

SWAP! Knitted Wool Longies

Item Name: Purple Wool Longies (handknitted by me)

Size : S/M

Rise - 13-14"
Waist - 18" (largest)
Inseam - 6.5"

Condition: Used / Second

Remarks: This wool longies already felted and is very absorbent to use as a diaper cover for overnight. My DS already outgrown it (so fast... hai...)

To Swap with: 1 Used / Second One-Size Pocket Diaper OR Size L pocket diaper of any brands (except Bumwear and Rumparooz) provided the elastic is still fine.

Interested? Let me know...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Debate! Cloth diapers in fact is not really a frugal way of living...

What say you? I wish to know what other mamas voices since I lately found out if not planning properly, buying cloth diapers will be way more expensive than buying disposable diapers!

Y0u will be saying it's better for the environment, less pollution for the world...

You will be saying can pass down to second, third, and... child ....
What if we only have 2 kids? and only use it when the elder already half potty train? Will you swear you never use a single piece of disposable at all?

You will be saying it's for the health of the baby...
Many complaint baby got rashes or skin problem when using cloth and the condition is still on and off... therefore, went to see paed or skin specialist (Did you include the fees charged?)

You will be saying cloth is more comfortable...
Or course but there is still no super absorbent material that's less bulky for heavywetter, it's not comfortable especially when you need to stuff in layers after layers...

In order to use cloth diapers, you must use wetbags... then will be even better if can use cloth wipes, change your normal detergent to the one that is good for CD, some even change or buy a new washing machine...
Did you add in those expenses besides just buying cloth diapers?

Whether it's overpriced, it's up to you!

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