Saturday, October 31, 2009

The answer for super heavywetter!

The pink one is BabyBeehind OS bamboo fitted diaper with 2 snap in soaker.

All of them are Aussie brand nappies... specially design as night nappies.


Wool cover can be stinky too!

Anyone encounter this before? Well, I did!

Maybe I didn't wash so frequently (imagine after 1 month of use... hehe...)...
Maybe the fitted diaper itself is not absorbent enough...
Maybe it's time for new lanolizing...
Maybe it was not wash throughly after previous use...
Maybe the cover already been use for a long time with so many wash and lanolizing in between... (Still you got to wash and rinse more often when it's very stinky)

I was first thought most probably it's the fitted diaper itself that stink but I discovered even with baby's first pee, the horrible smell already spread in the room. A few times like this made me concluded that the cover itself stink too!

Wash and rinse several times (drying in between) before lanolise. This is to make sure you wash away the old lanolin which already covered layers by layers for so long... in my case I use wool almost everynight. Be it longies, soaker, shorties... wash, rinse and go under the sun once a while.

It's not recommended to put the woolies under the sun as this will break the fiber. But occassionally (in this case for example) is fine.

Please share with me if you have new explore on this matter!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yeah! Can use pocket diaper for night time!

Meaning my DS is now no longer a heavywetter... Am still using bamboo soaker as insert for that extra absorbency. Well, as long as it's made from bamboo, be it the snap in soaker from BabyBeehind fitted or bamboo insert from Green Kids (a pocket diaper brand from Aussie) or any you think is possible to be used as an insert for a pocket diaper, they all works!

Since DS takes more solid food nowadays, the pee volume is greater but lesser. Maybe because the bladder control could be better as he's going to be 1 year old in a couple of days... Or maybe becasue he's not on any formula milk yet (exclusively breastfeed boy)... I can recall last time when my DD reached 11 months old there's no night time cloth diapering system that suit her at all!!! Until I got Dream Ez fitted diaper and a wool soaker... Never had any successful experience in using pocket diaper for night diapering.

Remember I have one defected and affected bamboo fitted diaper? I never wear this on my DS anymore since it looks awww to be in contact directly with the skin. If I throw away feel sayang (wasted) so in the end decided to use it as an INSERT! Yes, reuse it! :O

1) This is how I fold before put into a Large pocket diaper - in half:

2) Add a top layer of microfiber for that extra fast absorbing and extra thirst...


If you have a Medium size pocket diaper, use trifold method:



Money saving, no need to buy extra bamboo insert and you got absorbent insert for night diapering with Pocket Diaper... LOL!!!

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