Saturday, January 24, 2009

Washing Machine again...

Anyone found that the washing machine stop spinning at the last cycle of rinse when you wash a big load of nappies? I mean inclusive of 6-8 fitted diapers, 4-5 PUL pocket diapers, 10-15 or more of microfiber + hemp + cotton + bamboo inserts at one go?

I'm worry is it because of the weight from the load (imagine when the CDs are full of water, especially I'm having those very thirsty fitted diapers) or the washing machine already malfunction? I'm using a fron loader but I think probably is the second reason...

Discovery about wool soaker!

It's been very hot these few days but guess what... I still wear DS with fitted diaper with wool soaker during daytime. Feels and sounds hot, right? To my surprise, the fitted diaper's edges in which I touched was wet became dry by the time I changed him! I remembered lotusutol from Aussie told me only if the weather is very dry the fitted diaper under wool will get dry very fast.

Well, at least I experimented it here in Malaysia even the fitted diaper is not totally dry (guess the weather here is not as dry as Aussie?)... Therefore, proof of wool is breathable as a diaper cover! ~Simply in love with wool....~

Saturday, January 17, 2009

9 to 9!

That's Dream-Ez fitted diaper!!! Super absorbent!!! I use size M on my 3 months old DS and it lasted from 9pm till 9am or 11pm till 11am. Furthermore, it's not even all wet eventhough he's a heavywetter. Oh yes, DS sleeping time varies from day to day but I'm so relieved if he's on Dream-Ez fitted with wool longies.

Tried out Baby Beehind bamboo fitted with the longest doubler that comes with it but only can last for 7-8 hours. What's your favourite thirsty fitted diaper?

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