Monday, December 31, 2007

Precaution on washing in Hot!

Please read instruction from manufacturer on how to wash the diaper even it is suggested to wash in hot. Some will suggest initial wash in hot but NOT every subsequent wash in HOT too!

Washing in hot too frequent will cause the diaper to wear off faster, meaning reduce the life span of the diaper. So, be careful and check again and again if you have a few different types of diapers from different manufacturers/brands.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Get to know PUL and its family

PUL is the acronym for Polyurethane laminate. In simple words, derived from polymer family, a synthetic material.

what is it?
Polyster fabric that laminated to a thin film of Polyurethane. Well, I think I got to make some mess to my old stacks of books to look for the chemistry basic learnt in secondary school... LOL!
In short, it is = Polyster + Polyurethanes

Plastics, vinyl, polyster, PUL, nylon, suedeloth, microfleece, polyster fleece... they are all from the same family but appear in different combinations, types and functions. Perhaps someone from chemistry background can give some talks and guides on all these different synthetic that we use in our daily life? I'm longing to know more...

Speaking about recycle, it doesn't stop after you use cloth diapers. Beware that they are alot of cloth-like synthetic around too... we should know how material is created and how they are decomposed even they are not so biodegradable. Afterall, it's knowledge learn, isn't it?

No worry, everyone of us here (who's on cloth) is helping the earth no matter how far you practise about the real frugal living which is the 3R - REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Review: Pocket Diaper - Bumwear

A snap type Onesize PUL (Polyurethane laminate) pocket diaper. I love this PUL pocket diaper for its softness... it's just like wearing clothes. I swear!
Outer layer: PUL for waterproofness with prints and colours
Inner layer: coloured microfleece

Expect it to function like any other PUL pocket diaper. Since it is so soft, the PUL layer is thinner. I had encountered dampness on the pocket diaper itself especially around the inner leg casing if my heavywetter wears it more than 2-3 hours, depending on her fluid output too.

Shape & Fit
It is not a very well-shaped diaper as this is the only pocket diaper than will drop and reveal the buttock when my dd runs and plays! I received feedback from my friend who is using on her 1 months old baby boy (who is more than 5kg now) that the fit is not the best too.
Still haven't figure out the reason why it is so... probably the waist is not well snug even I fasten on tighter snap. But you can't snap too tight as it won't be comfortable on the child.
Another thing that I suspect - the heavy insert? (actually is the insert that is full of urine)... more likely this is another factor and therefore have to change them often. Any yet, I still have dropping diaper until my dd got herself out from it bottomless! LOL!

The room for insert is very spacious and I need to press out the extra air in there otherwise... you will feel like the diaper is so... you name it.

One more thing, the snap is difficult to snap on compare to other snap diaper. It took me longer time to wear this one.
TIPS: Try to snap first before wearing on baby like wearing a pant. It works for wriggle little one but still I don't prefer this method as it won't be in place properly either. I have to adjust and readjust... but you can try this tip on your wriggle baby and update me.

1) Onesize diaper
2) Quick drying
3) The softest PUL pocket diaper that I have
4) Very easy to use... stuff, wear and go!

1) Outer layer will be damp or sometimes wet depends on the wetting
2) The shape and the fit is not that good compare with other pocket diaper
3) No top stitch at the back of the diaper, abit messy (Happy Heiny's pocket diaper is another diaper without top stitch)

It is worth to try for bumwear as the issue on the fit is also because of different built from one baby to the other. Only if they can replace the snap with a better type, I think it will be a very popular pocket diaper too.

Get it from: Nice Cloth Diaper

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

Review: Fitted Diaper - Drybees Bamboo Onesize

This is a OS fitted diaper. It's made of 2 layers of bamboo velour. Comes with one 2 layers lay in bamboo soaker/doubler for extra absorbency.
This fitted is very roomy and still able to add one piece of boaster.
Unfortunately, as for my case I find the elastic at the leg casing is not that stretchable and strong after many uses and washes. It becomes loose and therefore is not advisable to stuff too many boaster in it.

Only good for a daytime diaper for heavywetter. It can last for 2 pees on my dd but bamboo draws liquid very fast and more than cotton. But since it only has 4 layers with the lay in doubler... it doesn't really can hold alot.

Wash & Care:
Wash in cold and this diaper retain smell stronger than the bamboo doubler. The diaper itself needs more rinse compare to the doubler. The reason could be bamboo is very good in absorbing fast and once it absorb it keep the urine in the diaper more than the doubler.

This is confirmed that bamboo takes longer to dry than cotton and hemp fitted because of its great and fast absorption of liquid.

1)It is Onesize, can use from young till potty train.
2)100% natural material (I won't say it is soft as the hemp & cotton fitted that I have is much more softer than this one)
3)The snap is great and easy to use


1)Drying time longer than pocket diaper.
2)Not absorbent enough for night time use on heavywetter.
3)Lay in soaker/doubler will misplace if you have wriggle baby when putting on... personally I prefer snap-in soaker

All in all, it's a good daytime fitted diaper. Not very impressive for me or perhaps I shall try out other bamboo fitted in future.
Rating: 3 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fitted nappy + wool soaker for daytime & outing

Never tried this combination until recently and all my worries were gone after we went out for almost 3 hours. No leak, no dampness when carrying my heavywetter dd and she looks as happy as before walking around. But the fitted diaper was... phew... soaking wet.

I'm glad that it works plus no compression leakage too. Therefore, instead of PUL diaper cover, right now I have extra option. Believe me, wool is so breathable and I never encounter my dd's butt sweating... which I thought she would... haha... LOL!

Anyway, I think it could be hot if walking under the hot sun. Well... who never sweat under the hot sun? Even we wear cotton shirt will be sweating too. If you think it will be hot just avoid using it at places that you think it's not suitable.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Surprise Freebies!

Received this parcel 2 days ago...

Guess what are they?

It's cloth mentrual pads!

The round one is HagRag with insert. So, this is how it looks like.
Thanks alot to fem choices for giving me this as a free gift! (early christmas present) :)


Can anyone advise how to sew back the velcro? This is Snuggle Hugz sherpa fitted. I can't imagine how this could happen to me! Hand sewing?

Up close

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

When NOT to lanolise?

When you see this...

I left the wool soaker to be soaked in the sink and was going to wash it. But 15 minutes later I returned, the soaker is still "floating" on top of the water. Meaning you still have enough lanolin, it's alright not to lanolize for this wash.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Review: Fitted Nappy - Baby Greens Growing Greens hemp

This is a OS fitted diaper. It's made of 55% hemp and 45% cotton fleece. Comes with one snap in hemp soaker/doubler for extra absorbency.
This fitted is very trim and fit like a glove. My dd is 11kg now and still able to wear in the largest setting. It is a very thirsty fitted diaper and suitable for heavywetter. Believe me or not... hemp dry faster than bamboo.
I find the elastic at the leg casing is very strong as if I just bought it even after so many washes and stretches.

No changes need for at least 6-8 hours, provided the baby never poo and I'm talking about on a heavywetter toddler. Basically you can't add more boaster as it has no more room to accomodate the extra cloth inside except the slimmest Hemp babies boaster. I folded the hemp boaster and layer it under its original snap in soaker. So, I have additional 1-2 hours before the whole diaper becomes soaking wet. But again, this is optional.

Wash & Care:
Hemp fitted is good to wash in hot but soak in cold. This is the fitted diaper that is hardly to retain smell. The soaker needs more rinse compare to the diaper in order to get rid of the urine smell.
*NOTE: I seldom use baking soda and vinegar on hemp fitted nappy as there's no need for it. I mean I do use but just once or twice a month.

1)Onesize diaper that fit from newborn till potty train. The snap-in soaker can be used as contour for newborn.
2)Very good absorbency
3)100% natural material

1)The Onesize is not really that generous if you can see the comparison with Drybees bamboo fitted on the right of the pic above. So, I have no idea whether it can fit big built baby.
2)Drying time longer than pocket diaper.
3)We still don't have this in Malaysian CD e-store.

Basically, nothing to complain about this diaper except the fit. When I first saw it, I'm doubt whether my dd can wear it since it looks so trim and smaller. It actually can but I think it's going to be the first OS fitted that my dd will outgrown.

You can find Growing Greens Hemp Fitted from and I gave it a rating of 5 in If you wish to buy it let's put some pressure on our local Tiny Tush retailer... yes, we have Tiny Tush locally! :)

Note: The reviews is based solely on my personal usage.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Cloth Diaper Reviews?

I always wish that I can do the review for modern cloth diapers. No, I'm not getting any pay for this and it's merely a sharing and strictly from my own point of view. It maybe differ from other moms on the same item.

I will tell you why I like it and why I don't like it based on my own preferences and lifestyle. You can always gather feedbacks from other CD mommies on the nappy product that interest you. Anyhow, I did post my review on DiaperPin but just a brief one.

So, stay tune and let me know your reviews too if it happens that you are using the same items as mine.

Happy sharing!

Added CD Mama Community BlogLog

Not so good in using those BlogLog but I think it's a great way to get connected. Therefore I create the Blogroll (is it?) for this blog. I'm doubt whether it works or not.

Do leave me comments after you've join this CD Mama Community at the left bar of the blog. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Front loaded vs Top loaded washing machine

I'm lucky enough to have different washing machine (WM) for experiment. Front loaded at my house and top loaded at my mum's house... I mean my hometown. DD will be staying here and there from time to time since my parent also keen to take care of her for 1-2 weeks after every 1 or 2 months.

Normally front loaded WM wash throughout and is claimed to be more gentle to the garment and cleaner. Top loaded WM is very common nowadays and it is capable to take in more clothes and powerful too.

I do not know any difference about them until I found out the hemp inserts that I have became so soft after every wash when using top-loaded WM but become hard and stiff when they are wash with front loaded WM. Nothing added to the laundry as I never inform my mum on how to use baking soda or distill vinegar. I guess probably the top loaded WM is such a work-horse and tough in washing or the front loaded is too gentle? Maybe I shall try to wash the CD with top loaded on my own when I'm back to my hometown again with dd.

Oh yes, we do need to wash our WM every now and then. How? Read this post from Miabambina's tips.

Snappi got size??!!

Just read from that they have size 2 Snappi for toddler. I don't think we have this sell in Malaysia since every Snappi has the same length and size. No wonder I find it so short to fasten on my dd's lampin and it will be too tight if I pull harder.

Snappi looks like a "Y" shape but definitely not those that can be found in TESCO or other hypermarket. They have the look alike hook but not Snappi. I bought before but it's a waste of money since they can't really grip on tightly. If you wish to get it, make sure you see the word "Snappi" printed on. Normally you can get from specialty shop that sell baby's products or online store.

So, back to the topic... if you know any store that carries Snappi size 2 for toddler, do update me. Thanks!
picture courtesy from

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


This is Snappi, an alternative tool to secure prefold, flats and cloth made nappy. It's a clever invention and it works so well with prefold compare to pin. Snappi is even said to be less danger than the conventional pins that our mother and grandmother were using since you don't have to worry about poking the baby accidentally.

How to use? Just pull or stretch them left, right and down to maximize the flexibility and stretchability. Then on the prefold or flat, hook the left then pull to right to hook on the right. After that, pull down to hook and it is very secure.

Alright, that's the basic instructions I learnt but in reality when I tried to use... I'm new and I can't get a good hook on the cotton flat on my dd. Since I use only cotton muslin which is thin, the sharp edges of the grip in fact cause uncomfortable feel on dd's abdomen. I hooked it on quite firm and the teeth went all the way through the muslin. Then I folded another muslin to be wrapped around her abdomen in order to have thicker area for Snappi to hook on. It looks so messy. Probably Snappi works great with prefold or pre-fitted since they are thicker. Maybe you can share with me your experience with Snappi??

Just look at the gripping teeth, aren't they looks sharp?

Monday, December 3, 2007

Onesize - good or bad?

Many of us think that One-size (OS) diaper is wonderful and it save money. One-size means it can fit from size S, M to L. This is indeed a wonderful creation for cloth diaper and I have to admit I have always opt for OS compare to multiple size.

For example:

OS PUL pocket diaper - Bumgenius, Bumwear, Happy Heiny's

Multiple size pocket diaper - Drybees, GAD, Fuzzi Bunz

As you know I started to use modern cloth diaper when my dd was 12 months old and OS PUL pocket solved her sizing problem as she was then in between size. Meaning M is too small for her and L is too big. Therefore, I have to praise the invention of OS!

Lately, I discover my dd starts to outgrown in OS but still have room to grow in multiple sized diaper. She is in size L or size 2 now. The BG OS that I have looks so worn out even just after a few months of daily usage. We don't have that many to change as I'm not using CD for full time. So, probably I can imagine how worn out it will be when I pass down to my second child in future and probably won't last till my third child (if I have :P). Well, this is just my thought and if anyone of you use it successfully till your 3rd child, don't forget to update me to proof me wrong! Hehe...

With the L size diaper fitted diaper that I have, I still manage to stuff booster in. But never can do this in OS fitted, so this show the sizing of OS really does different in a way than multiple size.

Motherease Sandy's (left) in size 2 looks abit bigger than Drybees OS (right) and in fact Sandy's is much more spacious and roomy than any OS fitted that I have. The same apply to Snuggle Hugz sherpa fitted in size L.

Washing Machine's Faults!

Ever since the day I took over the role from my maid to wash dd's cloth diapers in the morning before I let the washing machine (WM) do its'part, I'm late to work!!! Yes, I hand wash but I can be sure that the CD is clean enough even it's not going into the washing machine. If one day there's something wrong with the washing machine (basically malfunction), I'm able to cover the washing part on my own. LOL! I'm not saying not to use the WM, I will alwasy opt for WM to wash the modern cloth diapers!

I slowly learnt that more rinse with water actually reduce the urine smell and in fact we don't need that much of detergent. You don't even need to soak the cloth diaper for longer than 25 minutes! (for people who loves to soak... ok... who prefers to use wet pail) Of course you have to be very hardworking to do the pre-wash (Note: not new CD, we are talking about soiled CD), so this is very personal decision. I have to because:

1) I can't trust my maid to help me with the CD washing since I'll discover more smelly and leaking problem (not clean enough) - cannot rely on maid!

2) I can't depend on the front loaded washing machine as the clothes sometimes come out dripping with water when it's done??!! Isn't it supposed to be dry? At least that's my expectation. I think the gentler version front loaded is too gentle. It's not even rinse properly! - cannot rely on washing machine!!!

3) Looking at the CD stash, I don't have that many to fill in the washing machine in one load. Therefore, I got to wash separately before I can combine it with my dd's clothes to make it a load in the washing machine.

This washing machine (belongs to MIL) will tumble down if it has too little clothes to wash. Old machine old function eventhough it's still running the operation daily. Therefore cannot complain too much! *Sigh*

I'm so unlucky, isn't it? If I have more cloth diapers or more muslin (lampin) I think I'll collect them all in a wetbag and use the washing machine to do a rinse cycle before the full wash. But right now this is not the case. I only can do the rinse cycle in a big pail of water (haha! what to do this is fact!) since that's the average amount I have with my dd who's on lampin most of the time and MIL said lampin no need to use WM to wash. Good part is the rinse before full wash in washing machine actually reduce the smell and urine up to 80-90% without any detergent(guess I'm too hardworking, anyone wants to follow my method?). If you have full CD stash, like I said, do the rinse cycle in the washing machine and this ease alot of your work!

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