Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stick to Lampin!

Well, thought I will be using more of the modern cloth nappies but ended up still have to stick to the flat and square cotton gauze... our traditional lampin! The main reason is my baby boy developed sensitive and allergy skin, he has red patches and white bumps all over the genital area, especially the inner thighs. You will feel so pity towards this little fellow when you see the affected area.

The first week we actually use OS PUL and small insert for night time and I never know that my boy is a heavywetter even he's fully breastfeed! I have Happy Heinys OS pocket, Haute OS pocket, Rumparooz OS pocket GAD small pocket. I guess I never change him at night and this contributed to the allergy skin later on. Reminder - never use PUL for long hours as it traps heat... this is true for both my children. So, I gotto save PUL pocket for outing use or short nap. Oh, I never mention those OS pockets are huge on newborn BUT GAD small pocket fit newborn like a glove!!! My boy was 3.5kg at birth...

I thought I will not be using any pins as I have diaper covers but since paed advise to let the affected area air dry, lampin is the best to offer optimum "air-ventilation". Sometimes, I let baby go bottomless for a while during nappy changing time. So, pins are still back in action. Occasionally, I will use diaper cover or PUL pocket if I'm lazy to change lampin so frequent.

Fitted diapers... yes, I used them but they are also quite thick especially OS. I only rotate 4 OS fitted diapers, namely, Baby Beehinds bamboo OS and hemp OS, Drybees bamboo OS, and Going Green hemp OS during daytime (occasionally too) top with a fleece liner. Still, I find that it is hot for my baby's case. The thickest will be the Baby Beehinds bamboo OS. I use them all without diaper cover as they seldom wet the bedsheet.

Well, guess I have to wait till baby's skin recover or maybe he's older (grows bigger) in order to enjoy CDing with those stash of modern cloth nappies... Last but not least, lampin is still No.1 in breathability but lots of washing involve... tired...

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