Friday, May 29, 2009

Finished handknitted woolies!

A pair of longies

A pair of shorties (miscalculated the stitches, it's an XL!)

I knitted, undone, re-knitted, changed pattern,... and lots more through trial and errors. Finally, they are done BUT still big and long on my DS! Arrgh... nevermind, still can be use. All I need now is more wool yarns as I'm seriously addicted... thinking to crochet a soaker or a shorties! Aww... the skirty is soooo cute! But my girl already out of diaper!
I think I'm going nuts about knitting these woolies...

Another pair of longies

p/s: Please don't ask me to knit for sale becasue I don't create the pattern on my own. Even some are free patterns but they have copyright from the pattern owner. But the "biggest" reason is I don't have time to knit nowadays!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Diapers for grab!

It's for sale! Below are small size dipes with a barely use Wahmies Quick Trip wetbag (limited edition).

(From right)
2x small Bummis white wonder wrap - RM32 each; - SOLD
2x small Proraps white PUL cover RM30 each; - SOLD
1x Wahmies Quick Trip wetbag & changing mat (used less than 5 times) RM58; - SOLD
1x small GAD PUL pocket diaper RM52. - SOLD

They are in very good condition as I seldom use on DS when he's younger due to the genital infection. Elastic as brand new and this stash will be a good start for new CD mama.

1x used large DreamEz organic cotton fitted diaper (Grass) RM45
1x used large Snuggle Hugs (Celery Sherpa with Lime Fleece and sewn in Sherpa soaker) fitted diaper RM30
Buy both RM65! - SOLD
*Shipping not included. Self collectionis available if you are in Penang :)
If interested please email me or leave a message. I'll reply asap.
Thanks for visiting!!!

Help! Microfiber insert stink like dead fish!!!

Please let me know what can I do? I tried ao many methods but they still stink!!! I'm feeling to THROW them into dustbin...

After wash, they don't have any smell but started to smell horrible after DS pee... This happened after DS started on solid. Before this, the insert didn't stink that strong...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Review: One-Size Pocket DIaper - Happy Heiny's, Haute & Rumparooz

Onesize PUL (Polyurethane laminate) pocket diaper.
Outer layer: PUL for waterproofness with various type of clolours to choose from.
Inner layer: White microfleece

Expect it to function like any other PUL pocket diaper. Among these three brand, the Haute Pocket PUL layer and microfleece is thinner which is MY FAVOURITE.

As for Rumparooz, the claim of the inner pocket of the microfleece is able to contain breastfeed babies poo is not practical in my case. With my DS, the bf poo leaked to the side of the thigh but luckily still contain inside the diaper. It seems like not really any help according to the claim. Anyway, this is just my PERSONAL experience. The other thing I displike about it is the THICK microfleece which made my DS buttock SWEAT!!! This is my LEAST FAVOURITE pocket diaper even it's OS.

1) Onesize diaper
2) Quick drying
3) Very easy to use... stuff, wear and go!

1) Unable to fit small baby or toddler (depends on the body built too), in short if you want Large it's not so generous as the multiple sizes.
2) No top stitch at the back of the diaper, abit messy for Happy Heiny's

Get it from: Tiny Tapir (except Haute which I got from US)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

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