Saturday, February 21, 2009

Review: Fitted Diaper - Baby Beehind One-Size

BAMBOO and Organic Cotton! No wonder it's more absorbent plus it comes with 1 small snap-in booster and 1 long (to be folded) snap-in booster. This is a One-Size fitted nappy that comes in 6 mouth-watering colours. Except the Green (Marine), I have all the colours each in the stash!

Could be good for heavywetter but not a heavywetter toddler. It doesn't come with stay-dry feature too. The nice part is you can adjust the 1 big and 1 small booster according to baby's need. I always put the small booster at the front (good for boys!) or back snap for my 5 months old DS as a night diaper.

Bamboo and organic cotton are always the best to wash. No smell retain even you rinse a few time with water only.

It's very cute on the small bum bum but it's abit bulkier than Dream-Eze. The cut at the crotch is different. Fit my DS when he was 4-5 kg and was able to fit my DD when she was 30 months old!

1) One size
2) Soft and absorbent
3) Flexible in adjusting the long and short snap in doubler

1) No sewn in fleece liner
2) Takes longer time to dry
3) Require a diaper cover

Get it from: Lil Danzell

Rating: 5 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Washing Machine

Yeah... finally we got a new front loader washing machine. It has "Prewash" function, "Soak and Drain",... I haven't explore it yet as the maid is using it everyday. It has 850 degree powerful spinning and the gentler 500 degree. MIL said it won't be good to use 850 degree as that will spoil the clothes??!! Maybe one day I shall give it a try... :P

So, good bye to Indesit and hello to Electrolux!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What insert can be used?

From left: Small microfiber insert, Baby Beehind bamboo smallest doubler (from the fitted dipe), Baby Beehind hemp longer doubler folded half, GAD size S pocket diaper, Itti Bitti bamboo soaker in trifold.

When you have super small pocket diaper such as GAD PUL size S? I received an email from a mom regarding this issue and I forgot to blog about what insert I used for this diaper. To me, it is quite difficult as the normal small insert seems to be big especially the crotch area... and I think hourglass insert will be a great fit but I didn't get any.

So, I use doublers and soakers from my existing stash of fitted diapers! Try to find them in your stash and you will end up like me... no need to buy too many smaller inserts. It's fun to mix and match!!!

This is Snappi with Lampin!

I think it will work as long as the napkin is thick enough... how to make it thick, besides from the original thickness of the cloth... Try this:-

- Hang your napkin to dry when it's still wet/dripping or wring lightly.

- It is good if you have direct sunlight.

- Iron napkin if you want.

Discovered this accidentally when the washing machine is unable to dry up heavy wash load and the super hardwoking maid in my family who do the ironing.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Snappi with napkin (aka lampin)

This is possible! Provided the lampin is thick and it hooked on very well... Checked for the sharp edges from Snappi is not hurting baby. Therefore, Snappi is much more easier to use after much practise compare to traditional "pin".

Should post the pictures if I remember to snap with a camera (yeah.... now snapped in the mind). :P

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