Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Review: Fitted Diaper - Baby Beehind Hemp Fitted

One-Size fit all 55% hemp and 45% cotton fleece fitted diaper. They are 2 types of design, one with colour threading at the diaper's edging like the one shown here and another one is without colour threading.

No problem with 6-7 hours on my heavywetter and by the time I change her the diaper is soaking wet and heavy too! It has total of 11 layers: 1 small snap in soaker and 1 very long (which you can fold according to the need) snap in hemp soaker. Easy to wash with a few water rinses. Not that easy to retain odour but internal snap-in soaker need extra rinse.

I love the construction of this OS fitted, trim and not even bulky with 2 snap in soakers. Still fit my 20 months old in largest setting and the leg casing is very snug fit. I guess the elastic used is a quality one as it still maintain its shape very well till today.

1) One size fit all
2) Very snug and not bulky
3) Does not retain smell as compare to bamboo
4) Easy to wash. Can wash in cold or hot (occassionally)

1) Longer time to dry
2) The snap-in soaker need more extra rinse to get rid of the smell
3) Definitely need a diaper cover

This is a good fitted diaper for heavywetter but I do blog about the characteristics of hemp. But if taken with good care, this should be a good addition to the diaper stash.

Get it from: Nice Cloth Diaper

Rating: 5 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

Monday, January 28, 2008

It's Sunny Day!

The weather at the beginning of the year in Malaysia is always hot and abit dry... it also indicates Chinese New Year is around the corner...

I love sunny day as the morning sun gives me energetic and refreshing mood...
I don't have to worry whether I need umbrella later...
I don't have to worry whether my shoes will get dirty...
I don't have to worry whether cloth diapers will dry on time!

Don't you just love sunny day, the natural dryer?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Increase absorbency!

Yeah... I'm one crazy CD mama and I won't stop experimenting with the CD and inserts that I have. You got to be more creative if you ever find that the fitted that you have is not absorbent enough and reuse whatever you have in the stash.

Shown here are two not so absorbent fitted for my dd (which may happen to be very absorbent for some babies) with GAD hemp insert wrapped at the outer layer, then cover them up in wool soaker or any diaper cover.

I used to put hemp little weeds in trifold inside the fitted but I think in long term usage will cause damage to the leg casing elastic and thus you will have loosen leg casing for next child. Unless the fitted is still very roomy then you can use the insert inside the diaper. Specially thanks to Rebecca on this idea... and those fitted alone originally will last about 3 hours for my dd but after boasting them can last for another 3-4 hours.

Not everyone will like this idea, especially on smaller baby as it will be abit bulky so this is just a sharing for moms with heavywetter like mine. :) Probably will save you some money instead of keep on buying... (Hope I can stop too, LOL!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Review: Pocket Diaper - Drybees Fleece

Multiple size Heavyweight fleece pocket diaper. I admire this fleece pocket diaper for its breathability and alternative of PUL pocket diaper for night time.
Outer layer: heavyweight fleece from Malden Mill, it has colours selection too
Inner layer: suedecloth

Since it is a pocket diaper, it last max 5 hours on my heavywetter with 2 hemp inserts. Good for night but I am quite bother about the bulkiness. I believe if I leave the diaper unchange at night my dd won't develope rashes as well since this diaper is breathable.
How did I know? It was one tired night whereby I forgot to change her and by the time I realized and checked on the hemp insert - they were wet before but now turn dried! My dd was still wearing it when I checked the inserts. So, the liquid evaporated to show that this diaper in fact is breathable. If you don't believe you can try to check insert in PUL pocket to see the difference.

A good quality pocket diaper comes in S, M and L. It functions like any other PUL pocket diaper plus breathability.

1) Quick drying as insert is seperated
2) Very breathable diaper, good for rashes-prone baby.
3) Very easy to use and wash too.

1) Bulky
2) Longer time to dry than PUL pocket diaper
3) Will be hot for daytime (?)

Because of its bulkiness, I personally don't really like it. Eventhough, I still use it as a backup for night time if I don't have wool cover and fitted on hand.

Get it from: Miabambina

Rating: 4 out of 5
(reduce the point simply because I personally don't like its bulkiness and it has nothing to do with the function of the diaper!) *wink*

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

Monday, January 21, 2008

New arrival

Why can't I just stop buying? Oh yes... still searching cloth diapers for my heavy wetter and blame it to our local e-store that seldom bring in cloth nappy for heavywetter baby... (good excuse, LOL!) My pocket burnt into a big whole fast with this hobby... *sigh*

My readers will be happy and I'm also happy to share... watch out for more reviews. :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Review: Fitted Nappy - Motherease Sandy's

Side-snapping cotton terry fitted diaper. The one I have is a Size 2 (M-L) that can fit from 8-17kg. It is soft and very comfortable.

I am quite surprise this cotton diaper last longer than the Drybees bamboo OS. If wear alone without any boaster or doubler it can last 3 hours on my heavywetter as a day time diaper. I use it as a night diaper too by adding one hemp insert and one stay-dry doubler. I am quite satisfy that it can last through at least 6-7 hours!
I read the description of this diaper from the website, it is said the diaper itself (size 2) can hold up to 425ml! Yes, it's made of cotton... unbelievable!

This is a side snapping fitted diaper with 2 upper snaps and 3 lower snaps on each wing. My dd is almost 11kg and she fit under the second snaps on upper (due to her big tummy... LOL!) and the third snaps for the thigh. The diaper itself is very roomy and instead it's a diaper, it does looks like a pant. The leg casing also snug very well with a little ruffle around the thigh.
The only thing that I don't quite like is the wings will get wet first even the diaper is only half wet. Therefore, you will find the baby's waist is damp first before the whole bum get damp. I assume this must be the design issue.

1) So soft and comfortable to wear
2) Very roomy and easy to wash
3) Does not retain smell like hemp or bamboo
4) Easy and adjustable side snapping

1) Since it is one absorbent fitted, it takes longer time to dry... longer than the hemp fitted
2) Both wings get wet before the whole diaper wet
3) Definitely need a diaper cover

There is none of our local e-store carry this brand. I purchased it from oversea. The latest they have is bamboo Sandy's. I wish I have budget to try it out too! Simply because it is soft and absorbent... :)

Rating: 4 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

Thursday, January 17, 2008

News on Wahmies Onesize Diaper

Oh my God! They said Wahmies copy other WAHM's idea on using the s-hook and criticism is going on in the CD community now. More news here.

Review: Pocket Diaper - Green Acre Designs (GAD)

Snap type multiple size PUL (Polyurethane laminate) pocket diaper. I love this PUL pocket diaper for its fit and candy colours.
Outer layer: PUL for waterproofness with colours, I specially love the pastel one...
Inner layer: coloured microfleece or suedecloth

Since it is a pocket diaper, normally will last 2-3 hours on my heavywetter with one microfiber insert and one hemp insert. Good for outing but I do use at home too for her nap.

A good quality pocket diaper as though you can expect it to function like any other PUL pocket diaper. The 3-snaps side snapping is getting my interest now as the fit will be so snug and nice. You will be able to adjust the upper snap and lower snap according to the baby's body built:
If the waist is bigger you can snap it on the second or first snap; the same goes to the thigh.
My daughter has bigger tummy but no chubby thigh and therefore the upper snap usually will be the first or the second snap and the lower snap is always the third snap to ensure the thigh area is well snug. That's the wonder of side snapping diaper as you will be able to adjust the fitting.

1) Quick drying as insert is seperated
2) The sizing and fitting snug over baby's bum beautifully
3) Very easy to use... stuff, snap and go!
4) Wins over adjustable waist and leg casing closure

1) Not suitable for long wearing on heavywetter since pocket diaper has limited capacity for inserts

Basically, GAD score full marks for its function as a pocket diaper, it is one sucessful invention and is very handy for emergency or quick usage.

Get it from: Miabambina

Rating: 5 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Leaking again!

I'm not sure why but it's already 2 days reported by MIL that the BumGenius that I wore on my dd leaked! She ended up awake from her sleep due to the wetness on the bed!

BumGenius was my trusted pocket diaper for nap or those 3-4 hours before dd wakes up from her sleep. Normally I will change her fitted and wool soaker around 6 or 7am and she is still sleeping. I used to put her on pocket diaper latest by 7am and that will last her till 10am for her bath. All the while this system work and we never have any leaking issue... until 2 days ago!

Ok... the insert I used were the GAD microfiber and GAD hemp both in large setting. Seems like not the fitting issue and I suspect should be the absorbency is not enough. I'll try to change her from pocket diaper to the daytime fitted diaper and see how it goes...

Meanwhile I think I have to do strip wash on BG pocket diapers...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What happen to hemp?

You know hemp can wash in hot...
You know hemp is the fiber from natural plant...
You know hemp provide good absorbency...
You know hemp retain odour more than others...
You know hemp takes longer time to dry than microfiber...
You know hemp will get stiff over time...
You know hemp will get harden over time...
But do you know hemp will become thinner???

I wonder how come the hemp diaper/insert that I once love for its absorbency seems not really that absorbent anymore? Perhaps my girl pee volume increase? How come the touch of the hemp is much more thinner after so many washes? Anyone notice this?

Or is it just me that feel so?

Friday, January 11, 2008

My handknitted wool soaker

Super mini category... perhaps for newborn? Haha... LOL!

Nappy for heavywetter?

I just have to write this post as I am really not very satisfy with what our local e-stores carry as until today I cannot find a particular diaper that is suitable for super heavywetter! Maybe they are but not obviously stated? Besides pretty colours and cute prints (which are the major factors to attract mommies) does anyone realized the need for heavywetter babies/toddlers? This is so sad as there are not many choices in term of material wise.

There are hundreds of brands for modern cloth diapers and I feel quite weird how come our local e-stores still carry same brands, same items almost like each others? Yes... I want to voice for more choices for us, the mommies customers in Malaysia and who's with me?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mommy hates most on disposable...

It is the fit!!! I couldn't find any snug fitting disposable for my dd even with top brands which is so costly! I do not know whether this is skeptical about the sposies or the cloth nappies really make to fit our little one better?

I really cannot stand looking at my dd wearing the disposable then walking around with a droppy stuff in between the legs!!! Even it's not really full of urine but it's really disgusting to my eyes!!! I need to wear her in tight fitting pants in order to hold the sposies at place but arrghh... I'm going to change her back to cloth diaper today no matter what!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Disposable diaper is hot!

We all knew that but this is also what my dd told me! Since she was infected with virus and had quite a number of explosive diarrhea, paed also advised to use disposable diapers as the running poo may contains germs that is contractable to people who deal with the diapers laundry.

Therefore, I had to temporarily switched to disposable for this matter. We were in the hospital and suddenly my dd turned to me and pointed to her buttock and told me it's hot hot inside! Well, guess this is the difference between a cloth baby and a sposies baby...

Running poo that's not advisable to use cloth diaper

My dd was on antibiotic after being admitted to hospital few days back. Paed told us the antibiotic will cause diarrhea. I was not aware that the running poo can stain on the diaper so badly! It's definitely gave us hard time in washing the cloth diapers.

The poo stained the diaper alot and I experienced the explosive diarrhea. Encountered this situation a few times and the affected diapers are GAD, BG and bummis SWW with cotton babies sock. The stain can't get off the suedecloth or stay dry doubler easily. The stain even penetrated into the insert!!! It took me a few rounds to make sure it's clean and germ-free since dd was infected by virus.

First rinse the diaper with lots of running water. Then soak in detergent and I used the solution from Scarlett Secret on the stained area. Oh yeah... my maid told me she used it before I did on the insert. She just know the logic for cleaning purposes... Sandra, I have to let you know that it's not 100% working in this case. I even let it soak for overnight. This is the first time I encountered such a stubborn stain with stubborn color which refuse to come off easily. Next got to soak a while in dettol and little bit of detergent to kill germs.

Dry them in clothsline after wash. Yet it's not even stainless! I have to repeat the steps again and the second time need to wash in hot to get rid of whatever of germs, stain, smell,... It took me about 2-3 days to get them all clean. My maid washed on behalf of me yesterday and it was clean! I'm surprised how she did it and I do suspected that she might be using abit of bleach which I told her is a prohibited item to use on cloth diapers.

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