Friday, December 18, 2009

Review: Fitted (?) Diaper - Imse Vimse One-size Contour Terry


The exact name for this diaper should be a contour diaper. I think it's already discontinue and the most similar to it will be Imse Vimse One Size Terry Contour Diaper with 100% organic cotton. The one I have is made of cotton terry, so the fabric feels like the bath towel! *grin*


Basically it's a day time nappy, slightly more absorbent that napkin. If I need to compare it with a fitted diaper which I used on my babies, I would say the absorbency will be equal to SnuggleHugz sherpa fitted.


No smell retain even you rinse a few time with water only. Somtimes, I feel like washing a towel instead... haha! Truely cloth!!!

Folded down to be used on younger baby


It doesn't come with any snap or velcro. Some says this is a nippa style... well, not quite sure this is the correct word for this type of nappy. Correct me if I'm wrong. Elastic is not that good I would say as I have loose leg casing after a few months use with my DD. Luckily the design is one size and the thigh area still snug if you use a snappi to secure the diaper on baby. Fit my DD till 26 months old and I started to use on my DS when he's just 4 months old.

As for smaller baby, you just need to fold down the front to desire length and snappi at the front. Just as shown in the picture below.

Rear view off the nappy when my DS was 10 months old
1) One size
2) Soft and fluffy
3) Quick drying, good alternative to napkin (a.k.a lampin)
1) No sewn in fleece liner
2) Require a diaper cover or snappi
3) No snaps or velcro attached to the nappy itself
Get it from: Online store from UK
Rating: 3 out of 5
Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Basic Instinct

I used to be very desperate to search for solutions on how to avoid stinky diaper or the worst to prevent mold from forming. Probably due to our hot and humid climate, mold is easily grown.

Encountered this problem and this problem and most of them started with stinky diapers or inserts. Even when they are freshly collected from the clothesline under the big hot sun. I seek for many solutions from forums and online surveys... tried so many ways and it improved but will comes back after a while...

Eventually, I developed a routine on my way whereby whenever I got the dry diapers or inserts back into the room, I will smell them. Yes, smell them one by one and if any of them smell urine or strange, just throw them back to the laundry basket and wash again WITHOUT USING! Some will go into washing machine for only extra 1 time but some (especially inserts that my DD used before) keeps on repeatedly wash and dry and wash and dry...

I also realized I tend to use a particular part for the wetting on insert. I mean I always put the same part of insert into pocket diaper. To reduce the smell, now I'll turn them around. Don't quite sure why I was so determine to fix which side of inserts to get the most wetting but this really contribute to very smelly insert. Solution is wash more and more no matter with or without baking soda or vinegar... I prefer to wash them several times with just W-A-T-E-R.

Another method my mum taught me to deal with mold is soak in a pail of BOILING HOT water, or better still, COOK THEM!!! She said that's the way how people "sterilise" baby's napkin for generations. Hmm... I used the first method as it could be a problem to get super big wok for all the inserts huh? LOL...

The result is actually turn out to be better even it doesn't promise you won't get the mold back later on. Well, only reserve this as the LAST RESORT if you think you already tried all other methods on getting rid of the mold and none was working. I was thinking to throw away all my stinky diapers and inserts.Therefore, I chose the Last Resort...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some thoughts to share

Read about this from Bean Sprout Bubba and it's an awareness that everyone of us shall practise. Do you do the same too?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A broken Snappi

Can you imagine Snappi broke?? Well, I use Snappi so often on lampin, fitted (nippa design) and can't live without Snappi eversince I discovered the no sew prefold... LOL!

Maybe it's time to change new one and I'm lucky as a relative gave me another set of 2 which she never use on her son. I NEED Snappi!!!

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