Monday, March 16, 2009

Debate! Cloth diapers in fact is not really a frugal way of living...

What say you? I wish to know what other mamas voices since I lately found out if not planning properly, buying cloth diapers will be way more expensive than buying disposable diapers!

Y0u will be saying it's better for the environment, less pollution for the world...

You will be saying can pass down to second, third, and... child ....
What if we only have 2 kids? and only use it when the elder already half potty train? Will you swear you never use a single piece of disposable at all?

You will be saying it's for the health of the baby...
Many complaint baby got rashes or skin problem when using cloth and the condition is still on and off... therefore, went to see paed or skin specialist (Did you include the fees charged?)

You will be saying cloth is more comfortable...
Or course but there is still no super absorbent material that's less bulky for heavywetter, it's not comfortable especially when you need to stuff in layers after layers...

In order to use cloth diapers, you must use wetbags... then will be even better if can use cloth wipes, change your normal detergent to the one that is good for CD, some even change or buy a new washing machine...
Did you add in those expenses besides just buying cloth diapers?

Whether it's overpriced, it's up to you!


Hanz said...

Sharine, there are way to be frugal in CD like...
1.Buying Made In Malaysian...plenty I saw lately..& those made from China.
2.Grab the gently-used one from forum, blogs & swap meet like the recent one done by Tiny Tapir.
3. No need to change washing machine, I boiled water & pour in the final cycle during my CD wash.
4. Use cheap washing powder & it is must without enzymes & such like Trojan brand.
5. Up-stash your CD stash by getting more fitted & AI2 as u just need less cover. MOstly pockets & AIO is more expensive. If u want to get the pocket & AIO, get the onesize.

Hemmmm...that's all I can think for the time being..just my 2 cents

neeza said...

i only use cheap CD from China - and indeed satisfy.. my wetbag is also a beg with a zipper (which i got it FOC when installing the gas).. imho, if you want it to be frugal, then you can - our mother dulu pun survive je with that square muslin (at that time sposies are too expensive, i guess)..

dewihong said...

When using cloth diapers, whether we are going to save money or spending more than the cost of disposable diapers, the control is in our own hands. We can actually save money in many ways, such as if we buy only 'functional' diapers, not the 'show-off' diapers. Flat diapers and fitted diapers are cheaper than pocket diapers. The most expensive one is AIO diaper. One-sized or two-sized diapers will cost less than buying muti-sized diapers. I found it is not necessary to use special detergent, especially if we use natural fabrics not the synthetic ones. I use only Kao Attack with no problem for my old top-loader washing machine, as long as I do not use too much detergent. I do strip-washing about once a month, or only when the CD started getting smelly. Now I use soapnuts which are plenty and cheap in Indonesia. I never put CDs on my DS for hours during daytime, except naptime and outings. Daytime is lampins time, because I think it is better for DS health if we change him as soon as he wets his diaper, and also because DS has sensitive skin. So far, I haven't experienced any severe diaper rashes which need to be examined by paed. Babies using CDs are usually potty-trained far earlier than babies using dispos, so if using dispos, we are more likely to purchase dispos one or usually more years longer than the already potty-trained CDs counterparts. About heavy-wetters, don't worry Sharine. Not long after baby Zheng starts on solid food, he will nurse less frequently at nights, which means less output too :-) Cloth wipes, wetbags, etc... no need to buy the fancy ones. We can save even more money if we purchased used CDs, second quality CDs, and sell the CDs after our beloved babies potty-trained :-) The most important reason for me using CDs is, it gives me peace of mind that I gives my DS a chance to be less exposed to questionable chemicals in dispos since his early years. So, the health concern is not merely about diaper rash :-)

lotus said...

You are right, without good planning you could potentially spend more on CD than disposable.
Why? Because with disposable you stick with ONE brand that works.
With CD, we like to try all the different types right?
But actually if you stick with one brand that works for all scenarios and get a bulk pack, it could work out cheaper even without bulk discounts.

In Australia, using modern cloth nappies will still save money, even if you buy 24 sets of the most expensive cloth nappy system for one child.

Have to compare the total long term cost of disposable versus cloth.

The other things are not so crucial. Rashes usually happen due to the poo reacting to wee. Doctor fees are not the norm in cloth nappies.

If you plan to have more than one child, and want to hand down nappies, the best way is to buy a few more nappies so that they get washed less and therefore have a longer life. Also buy quality nappies that will last longer.
Follow the care instructions to lengthen nappy life.

To stuff a nappy efficiently, boost only the part that will get wet the most, no need to stuf the whole nappy from front to back when the maximum wetness is in the front area, right?

You don't need to use wetbags, you can reuse plastic bags from the supermarket.

Detergent cost is so minimal over the years (and use less as well) that it would be a small fraction of the costs.

washing machine no need to change unless it is broken down. THis has got nothing to do with cloth nappies (like the point aobut the doctor)

Maybe you have too many expenses coming in at once, all directly or indirectly related to your personal CD use. That's why you have this blog post :)

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Probably yes... and it's definitely very costly to buy different brands of CD all the way... I do believe buying in bulk from same brand will be alot more cheaper but damage already done. :(
Imagine I spent nearly 4k but still rotate with lampin at day time and dispo occasionally at night since DS always has problem at the genital area. Sigh~

pumpkin said...

It's all about your objectives. My objectives for using CD are:
- natural material, less risk to chemical exposure & rashes
- greener option
- more economical (true in my case)

I started DD with 1 CD since she was 3 mths old and gradually build my stash... Now at 24 months old, I only have 10 CDs in total for her; which is more than enough.

I believe to some, the cost is not an issue and they got carried away with the cute prints and delicious colour of CDs. I've seen blogs of some mothers showing off more than 40 CDs and loads of matching wipes and wipe casing!

SOHO Mama said...

Hi Sharine..what an interesting post. I've read this before actually, only now remembered to leave a comment :)

When I was pregnant with my no. 2, I wasnt working..fulltime SAHM, so started to go into recycling and stuff. At that time I knew about modern cloth diapers (this was 7 years ago) but it was too expensive for me. I still want to be environmental-friendly so I settled with lampin & "seluar getah"/cheap diaper covers. My Izzo was a big baby, outgrew the lampin when he was 2mo and because I couldnt afford much..back to sposies it was.

Now a WAHM and my no. 3 & no. 4 are still on cloth diapers. I have both, "show-off" ones and "practical" ones LOL! However, I started my stash (esp the nice nice ones) with gently-used. Many many types and brands. When I've identified the ones that worked best, I chose those if I were to buy brand new ones. Actually, I still buy preloved dipes whenever there's a good deal. And I sell off the ones that I need to let go.

Wetbags and wipes, well, I'm just the type who loves pretty things. But I've stopped buying those once I already have a comfortable stash. I have four kids aged 8yo yo 10mo, so it just makes sense for me to have a few more in hand, to use as hankies too. There have been a few cases where all of em have runny noses..sometimes I ran out of clean wipes (as hankies)! I use them ALL the time, at home and out, I only reach for tissues ONLY if I have to (i have my 6 wipes for my own personal use too). When they dont need them as much later on, I plan to turn them into Mama Wipes (I think i'v read this somewhere..was it your blog?). So can eliminate toilet roll altogether (my hubby still insist on toilet rolls, he squirms at the idea of using wipes..? Aiyah..).

My main purpose of using cloth diapers remains the same..I'm trying to be friendlier to the environment. That's why sometimes I have to "close one eye" if certain actions require upfront invesment, like cloth diapers.. or installing rain collection system and solar light panels for homes..(I tulis ni tapi I myself could not afford this yet..but would love to!).

I just dont like to see a lot of unnecessary waste and garbage. I just hope that the world still has green pockets when my kids are all grown up..

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