Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Review: MandyMac Night Fitted Nappy

Bamboo fleece with cotton for the whole diaper including 2 lay in bamboo soakers. It consist of triple-folded sewn in bamboo soaker and 2 lay in bamboo boosters. This is a ONE-Size NIGHT fitted nappy that comes with sewn in purple stay-dry fleece liner!

Very absorbent! That's the reason why it is so bulky... No problem for my 17 months old to wear for 12 hours pair with a wool longies. So far, never encounter whole diaper to be wet yet. In fact, using only one soaker or a small microfiber insert as boaster is well enough. This is how I reduce the bulkinest of the diaper.

Seldom retain smell but you have to make sure it drys under the sun for at least 1 full day or sometimes less than 1 day with its special construction. (See pic above)

Since it is an OS fitted diaper, all you need is practise well in using Snappi to fasten on. I have to admit having a wringgle little one really make it difficult to wear on.

Compare the bulkinest with Nappy Chappies, included with the 2 lay in soakers

1) One-size
2) Soft and absorbent even after many washes
3) Comes with sewn in stay dry layer

1) Need Snappi to fasten on
2) Require a diaper cover
3) Too bulky if using both the lay in soakers

Get it from: Aussie online stores

Rating: 4 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage.

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