Monday, November 14, 2011


It's been so long I never blog here... DS already 3 years old and only wearing on nappy for his night time. Totally in control for his pee and poo very well at day time. Besids that, he is also good at complaining which led to refuse to wear bulky CD compare to slim and sleek Pampers! (aka Disposable diaper).

I was so sad at the beginning knowing that DS won't be using any fitted diapers as well as my handknitted wool soaker or shorties. At the beginning he was alright if I put him on CD for afternoon nap. Then, he complained pain here and there and thus hubby and MIL said he didn't feel comfortable to wear CD. Well, not using that on him for nap time and we changed to disposable even sometimes he ever pee during his nap.

A few months later, maybe 2 months or so he refuse to put on fitted diaper and wool soaker at night. I will leave him on his pyjamas, wearing the fitted diaper and wool soaker after he felt asleep. That was about 11-1am. Ever since I started to work, I was unable to cope with this type of lifestyle since I am so tired after whole day working. My mind keeps reminds me to stay awake but my body switched to "OFF" mode. Well, to play safe, we have to switch to disposable diaper. DS is happy to wear on the pull-up disposable pants as if he's wearing his underwear. So no battle before bed and I get back my sanity. It's just a real fact that DS did complain his "pull up pants" is hot and I found his butt sweating.... Imagine wearing a plastic over your head! LOL....

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