Thursday, May 22, 2008

Confuse and difficult decision making

It's about how practical to use fitted diaper on newborn or young baby? What will be the best solutions? I started to use cloth diapers when my girl was about 10-11 months old and therefore is clueless about CDing a newborn or younger baby. Is it:

For daytime and outing
- Flat cotton gauze (lampin) with diaper cover?
- Fitted diaper with or without a diaper cover?
- Pocket diaper?
- AIO?

Question: Averagely how many diaper changes needed for daytime?

For nighttime
- Fitted diaper with wool cover?
- Pocket diaper?
- Fitted diaper with normal diaper cover?
- What else?

Question: What is the average interval time to change a newborn or young baby at night?

Mummies who started cloth diapering babies from newborn is welcome to share your experience and comments. I really would like to know how you work out the numbers and the solutions. Oh yes, a new baby will be greeting the world this coming October. That's why I'm stuck in whether to add more stash or maybe just use disposable... sometimes it's quite tiring to do so many researches and "investment" though...


Anonymous said...

Sorry I am new to CD so can't help with your questions much but I just wanted to say that I am fascinated by your description of the "lampin" which you say is the normal method of diapering in Malaysia? Would this be comparable to the American Birdseye Flat? I know you have mentioned that it is not as effective as other CD's, but I just think it is interesting as Americans really have no idea how other countries do simple things like diapering. I would love to see some photos of how it is folded and used. You mentioned a belt, but is that the norm, or pins? I assume this is used without a cover, but have you ever tried it with a cover? Thanks so much!


dewihong said...

Sharine, I suggest you using lampins without covers for daytime and lampins with good PUL covers for outing during the first three months. Newborns pee and poo in small quantity but very often, and their skin is very delicate that I think it is better to change them as soon as they wet their diapers. Fitted diapers work much better than lampins in containing messes, but also cost a lot more, and the NB sizes are going to be outgrown very quickly. As for pocket diapers and AIOs, usually the one-sized ones do not fit newborns well. I myself do not like diaper covers for daytime, especially the PUL ones, because the waterproofness also means smell-proof, and you may accidentally leave your baby too long on his soiled diaper because you don't know he already poo...which ends up in sore bottoms.

For nighttime, if you are willing to change your baby everytime he takes his nighttime feed, then you can use lampins with diaper covers. I was too lazy for that, and my Richard never poo at night, so fitted diapers with fleece covers were the best solution for us, and I didn't change him until he woke up in the morning. As I washed his diapers everyday, I only needed three fitted diapers and one fleece cover (and one PUL cover as back up) during this stage.

As for Beth, I can help a bit with your questions. Lampin is flat diaper, and is used and folded and fastened in the same ways as American Birdseye Flat, but it is not as absorbent as birdseye because the weave is different. The weave of lampin is similar to checkerboard, but not as dense as birdseye.

denna said...

i use fitted with wool cover.i love kissaluc 0 size perfect for newborn!

yus said...

hi there..
i'm also new to CDs thing..but yet i feel happy to share the xperience with other..

my 3 mths old baby used lampin with nappy liner (also with diaper cover) at home..while outing shess wearing CDs from freshbots..

Im going to add more collection for my CDs..!!

chanelwong said...

I also going for testing hi hi....

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Beth: Yes, lampin is the normal way since our grandma's time. Normally use together with pins, but my mum made an elastic belt with velcro ever since my girl grows so wriggle at 6 months old.

dewi: thanks for your ideas and explaination. I also prefers fleece cover too but since I knitted wool longies and soaker I might be using them instead.

denna: I wonder how long that size last? Let me know ya...

yus: very practical...

chanel: let's advise each other alter... :)

dewihong said...

I also prefer wool for nighttime cover. However, when Richard was a newborn, he used to have HUGE messy poo (BF poo) when he woke up in the morning. The poo leaked to the cover most of the time, because I invested in wrong fitted diapers which did not contain the mess well. Not a problem with fleece covers, as I could machine-washed them along with his diapers. With wool covers, it means extra works because wool should be hand washed separately.
Of course you can use wool covers on newborn though, if you invest in the right fitted with snug leg casings.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

I will consider to get snug fitting fitted diaper. Thanks for your tips!

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