Sunday, May 11, 2008

No more diapers or nappies!!!

It's been a few days my girl hates to be in the diaper... be it cloth or disposable. Guess she's considered successful in potty training and I think she just knows how nice and cool not to be in the diaper. She is able to hold the bladder for up to max 2 hours! So, nowadays we can go out for a short trip without any diaper! Hurray!!!

It's only a few days before her 2nd birthday, she shows a very good improvement since I aggresively (is this the word??) train her to use the potty and go diaperless during daytime for almost 2 months now. Oh yes, no training pants involve in the process though.

Just 2 days ago, she started to protest not to be in the diaper during her nap and night time! This is really horrible... I'm going to be a zombie as she won't allow me to put on neither cloth or disposable diaper after she falls asleep! She will cry and ask me to take off the diaper suddenly in the middle of the night. I thought night time potty training suppose to be mummy to wake the child up? In my case, it's my girl who wakes me up and asking to be on the potty!!!

There were really tiring nights for me as I need to stay alert and try to wake up after a few hours sleep to make sure my girl doesn't wet herself and catch cold. She was just recovering from a fever due to wet diaper and pants last week and that really made me horrified. Luckily the first 3-4 hours after she sleeps will be a good time to put on either cloth or disposable diaper as that is the time she sleeps soundly. That's also the time she will pee once or twice then she can go dry till morning even I feed her milk once. I can't live without any stay-dry doubler if I'm going to use cloth diaper as a little wetness really can wake her up and she will asked to be changed! Therefore, pocket diaper is a good solution for me as I don't think I need to use very absorbent cloth diaper or disposable diaper too! In short, it's once wet, no matter how, she will ask me to change for her. Oh yes, it is changing into a pants NOT DIAPER!!!

I wonder whether she will go totally diaperless by the age of 2 and a half years old? She's progressing well but I'm not sure whether I shall be glad or worry especially there is still a long way for the night time potty training...


Anonymous said...

congratulations to your big girly! that reminds me of my elder girl too. she was like that when i potty train her. i think you can actually save all your diapers(whether already used or worn out) and just stick to lampin. Coz at least you have a maid to cover for that manpower. :-)

allthingspurple said...

i wouldnt be suprised if she does. Ashley has potty trained herself since the last few months and she has gone without diapers (save fro naptime and bedtime) for 2 or 3 months already, walking to the potty herself and pulling her pants up herself again without us knowing till we see a full potty.

i will be selling all her diapers soon. just havent got around taking pics yet

Peridot&Sapphire said...

ATP: Yup, that's so proud to know the girl already potty trained... I think many mums will not give up your diapers yeah... haha!

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