Saturday, January 17, 2009

9 to 9!

That's Dream-Ez fitted diaper!!! Super absorbent!!! I use size M on my 3 months old DS and it lasted from 9pm till 9am or 11pm till 11am. Furthermore, it's not even all wet eventhough he's a heavywetter. Oh yes, DS sleeping time varies from day to day but I'm so relieved if he's on Dream-Ez fitted with wool longies.

Tried out Baby Beehind bamboo fitted with the longest doubler that comes with it but only can last for 7-8 hours. What's your favourite thirsty fitted diaper?

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farrahar said...

Definitely My Precious Baby velour-hemp fitted. No doubt about that. Very trim. Used to last 12 hours on my ds. Now that ds is older (18mo), I like to slip in a small prefold in between the MPB body and soaker so that it would still last for 12 hours or longer.

Followed by Dream Eze fitted, only because it's as absorbant as the MPB. But it retains smell, unlike MPB. And because it's organic, it will eventually begin to tear. So you might want to wash it in a net for longer lifespan.

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