Sunday, May 24, 2009

Help! Microfiber insert stink like dead fish!!!

Please let me know what can I do? I tried ao many methods but they still stink!!! I'm feeling to THROW them into dustbin...

After wash, they don't have any smell but started to smell horrible after DS pee... This happened after DS started on solid. Before this, the insert didn't stink that strong...


KittyCat said...

Eww...I can imagine how horrible the smell is (preggy some more!)

Have you tried soaking them in diluted vinegar? Then, wash and hang dry in hot sun? Vinegar's supposed to be a natural disinfectant.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

i did almost everything that I could... but useless, the smell will come back. I'm afraid the smell already set in... I'm interested to get natural fiber insert if I'm going to buy any. BTW, isn't vinegar is for softening purpose?

passionmom said...

you may want to try:
- washing with lemon/lime juice
- or stain remover (that i had in my store), not for ad purpose, but i manage to help my customers using this one....just hope this help. :)
Lemon/lime juice may works fine already but the stain remover seemed to be more effective.

greenapple said...


i have only started CD 2 months ago. initially i didn't presoak the inserts in a wet pail prior to washing, so they stink pretty badly after a while. now, i soak the dirty inserts in wet pail, and do a cold water rinse cycle with baking soda, follow with hot wash with laundry detergent. so far my inserts have been doing better ... definitely don't stink as bad as before.

Mrs Kong said...

Hi! I have the same problem! don't know why! Is it dehydration?

will definitely try bicarb.

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