Thursday, February 12, 2009

This is Snappi with Lampin!

I think it will work as long as the napkin is thick enough... how to make it thick, besides from the original thickness of the cloth... Try this:-

- Hang your napkin to dry when it's still wet/dripping or wring lightly.

- It is good if you have direct sunlight.

- Iron napkin if you want.

Discovered this accidentally when the washing machine is unable to dry up heavy wash load and the super hardwoking maid in my family who do the ironing.


lotus said...

so how many layers to avoid pricking baby?
I know 2 layers is not thick enough from previous experience.

Another way to fluff up the lampin is to use a tumble dryer (if you have one).

Peridot&Sapphire said...

the middle part I think more than 6layers and the sides are still 2-3 layers with normal lampin folding method... only the middle part is more bulkier. My DS sleeps on tummy with Snappi and I don't see any "print" of the claws on his flesh... another thing is the sides of lampin is not totally flat against the skin. Meaning I purposely wear it loose but is good to secure the whole lampin even sometimes the lampin will drop if baby jumps or kicks.. haha!

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