Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some thoughts to share

Read about this from Bean Sprout Bubba and it's an awareness that everyone of us shall practise. Do you do the same too?


farheavena said...

hi there,i love reading u blog, i'm going CD crazy, n even made a site about it! Hope u visited it already,cos i placed u on the cd moms list..
Anyhow,about the issue, i think it is a big deal that baby wastes thrown in the trash might end up in our soils n water.. Eew. More reasons to CD! ;)

Mummy to Baby V said...

I have a feeling that many mums who use disposables don't practice this, since using disposables was 'supposed' to be convenient to them. CD mums naturally dunk waste into the toilet though, yeah! :)

Mummy to Baby V

Anonymous said...

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lotus said...

HI Sharine, thanks for the mention :)

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