Saturday, February 27, 2010

Review: Fitted Diaper - Cute Tooshies

Bamboo and polyster. Very fluff, plush and soft! It has one 1 snap-in bamboo booster to be triple folded and 1 small lay-in bamboo soaker. This is a ONESIZE fitted nappy that comes in limited gorgeous colours.

Frankly speaking, not absorbent enough as a night nappy but too absorbent for nap! I think it will be a great night nappy for a light to medium wetter babies.
Seldom retain smell but you have to make sure it drys under the sun for at least 1 full day or sometimes less than 1 day.

Even it is claimed to be a One-size but I really have problem to use it when my DS was younger. It can't be folded down like the Imse Vimse terry fitted diaper for shorter rise and the 4 rows of snaps (left & right) really made me confused to get a better fit on my small baby back then. Until today I still unable to figure out how to put it on smaller baby and I think most probably it is meant like the GreenKids nappy (no snaps to shorten the rise)? Well, just my thought... I kept it aside until my boy grown into M size on other diapers then the fit was much better.

1) One-size
2) Soft and absorbent even after many washes
3) Fast to dry and never retain smell
1) No sewn in fleece liner
2) Require a diaper cover
3) Fitting issue

Get it from: eZmotherhood but don't think this is still available in Malaysian online stores

Rating: 3 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage.


adiqsu said...

in case u wanna let this go, buzz me k ;)

Peridot&Sapphire said...

sorry, already sold!

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