Monday, July 12, 2010

Ideas... sharing... on "recycling" CD?

Picture on the left is the many inserts that I have in my stash even I only have... let's see after selling / trading some... only left 4 fleece pocket diapers, 2 GAD medium long pocket diapers, 2 HH OS pocket diapers, 2 large Snap-Ez pocket diapers, 1 almost torn Haute OS pocket diaper and 1 local brand Bouncing Baby OS (velcro) pocket diaper. Seriously I have too many inserts than pocket diapers...
Okay, basically, 12 pocket diapers that I have in stash to rotate everyday and I may seems having not enough if it's raining and all the CD is still in laundry. 

Luckily I have 4 Cotton Babies insert sock (pic top right) which I bought long long time ago... well, back in year 2007 which I can stuff inserts in and lay them in PUL diaper cover for use. (just like pic above) Oh, at the moment still using 4 medium Bummis covers with insert socks and another 2 Large diaper cover with fitted diapers at night ever since my DS rejects to put on any wool longies and soaker. (So heartache...)

Guess what, I used to think that I need to buy fleece liner to use in fitted diaper until I discovered I still have the insert sock which also can be used as stay dry liner. Moreover, it's more wider than the standard fleece liner so it covers a big portion of the internal in fitted diaper. Unexpected bonus usage!

On top of that, who is still using lampin??!! Well, I do. It feel so comfortable especially on hot hot sunny day when my DS sweat alot! Furthermore, he is now able to hold his pee longer or sometimes no pee for the whole evening due to less liquid intake... I can save one CD when he's on maybe 1-2 lampin as the volume of urine was little.  Or I will bring him to the toilet for wee wee once I notice he's still dry after a long period. Normally, it works! Yay!!! Some great achievement for toilet training...

Stack of lampin

So. need any expensive training pants? Well, just like last time with my DD, in my opinion, I still think it's unnecessary even I was almost considering to order them. Now, I realized we can live without it. Once the child gets older, the CD laundry will be lesser. I only have 2-3 CD laundry per week comapre to last time - everyday..
Oh yes... if you wonder how I use lampin on toddler with higher volume of urine, do check out my No Sew Prefold.

Last but not least, I'm glad that I am able to convinced myself not to buy any new CD now by thinking and doing some mix and matching on the current CD stash that I have. Yes, reuse is recycle...


dd said...

hi there.. i'm newbie to CD.. planning to use kain lampin for my bby yg will due early sept ni..

just nak tanye did u used a nappy liner on yr top of yr kain lampin... disposable ones ? or washable ones.. what brand yea...

u put insert kan in between the flat nappy... microfibre or bamboo?

Peridot&Sapphire said...

I just use Annakku or Pureen nappy liner... disposable one of course... I only put insert in/under the flat nappy if I want more absorbency and u can use microfiber, cotton, bamboo, hemp and whichever you prefer just that not directly touch bb butt.

Sin Dee said...

I share the same notes on this. :)
That training pant is not necessary.
I havent used any of them on my girls.

I love lampin too!
Here is what I suggest for some budget moms to do:

aznjonoh said...

hmmm interesting. It's better with more absorbency

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