Monday, March 28, 2011

Time to say goodbye...

Yeah... been neglecting this blog for quite a long time and guess what! My dear son already nappy-less for daytime except nap and he's already able to tell us when he needs to pee and poo. Great achievement for parent who is looking forward for moment like this... Woo hoo!!!

There had been many episodes during the few months where my family members and myself were trying continuously to potty-train my DS until we felt so fed-up and frustrated. He's 29 months old now... almost 3 years old. Many told me boys tend to be slower than girls for toilet-training or I should agree that it's even harder to get him up wee wee at night. He's one bad temper guy who dislike people disturb him when he's in his dreamland.

At age like this, he outgrew many cloth diapers and fitted nappies mostly due to low rise or the fit is somehow not hugging nicely on him. Yes, he rejected to wear CD, especially bulky CD to go to bed. Lately, he refuse to wear any dipes before go to sleep! Guess he realized he's a big boy now... well, a boy who still wet his bed though. Not very fond in wearing woolies as well... Last resort, I need to use disposable diapers when nothing seems right to him.

These are some I'm letting go as second. Am going to update in Diaperswap Forum too. You found any interested CD for your little one? Let me know, ok? :)

 Fitted Diapers

Fleece Pocket Diaper
 PUL Pocket Diaper

Diaper Cover

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