Saturday, November 10, 2007

About fitted diaper/nappy

From top left (in clockwise): DB Bamboo Onesize, Baby Greens Growing Greens Hemp Onesize, Motherease Sandy's Cotton in size 2, Snuggle Hugz Sherpa in L

Fitted diaper is quite popular as stay-in house diapers. It is not waterproof and I was once thought that once it's wet I have to change it. So, I never wish to give it a try .

Well, I first thought fitted is like lampin (muslin) but design in pant-diaper looks alike and probably more layers than lampin. I don't really tried fitted when I first use modern cloth diaper as it looks so thick and maybe hot??!!

Then, I tried on Snuggle Hugz which has a stay-dry fleece inner and slowly learned that it's very trim and comfy. Later only I realized fitted in fact have more absorbency power than pocket diaper since the whole body of the diaper is absorbent. (See the reason why it needs a cover?) I checked on my dd's bum after I changed her and her bum is not sweating (I thought it was hot!) nor soaking wet and that's proof fitted diaper is breathable. My family members doesn't like to hold a baby with wet diaper/lampin on. So, that's why I will add a diaper cover for my dd once I found out she is putting on with slightly damp fitted diaper and wish to let her wear for a little bit longer.

Next, I realized fitted diaper is a great night time solution for heavywetter! The formula works like this: if you wish to make it through the night, look for

1) layers :

how many layers in the fitted diaper's body + snap in/lay in boaster (some call it soaker). The more the layers the more of the absorbency power.

Example: Baby Beehind - 11 layers with soaker,

Swaddlebee Cotton Velour - 9 layers with soaker

2) material:

as we all know bamboo and hemp are very thirsty. So, go for it if you plan the fitted diaper is to last for long time, especially at night. Day time, cotton fleece fitted would be nice too.

Of course, you will need a cover for night time and I do mentioned wool cover is a nice match with fitted diapers. Other than that you can actually use any diaper cover such as fleece cover from Tot-Bot or Stacinator fleece cover... or PUL cover such as Bummis, Imse Vimse. Oh yes, if you don't mind you can use pocket diaper (exclude the insert) as fitted cover too! The usage of any modern cloth diapers will be the innovation from your mind. That's how we can save money from the mix & match in cloth diapering.

And yes... I love fitted nappy very much! (Because this is the only solution that solve my heavywetter dd's night diapering issue)

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