Monday, November 19, 2007


Alright, I'm not complaining about the fitted diaper and pocket diaper. It's about the the lazy mum who forgot and purposely prolong the use of diaper on her dd.

I encountered twice and I already knew these 2 combination won't last more than 3 hours on my dd but I just simply let it on longer to see the consequences. I know... I'm crazy about cloth diapering and I did several tests and experiments with the CD stash I have.

1) Case I:
I put my dd on Snuggle Hugs sherpa fitted and Imse Vimse Organic cotton diaper cover. That was 9.30pm and I know dd will fall asleep anytime but since there's still no pee... I decided to let it on for another 1 hour more.
This fitted diaper only has 2 layers of sherpa sewn in soaker and it is actually a daytime diaper. I knew it won't last my dd for even 2 pees. Half and hour later (after my dd fell asleep) I encountered leak from the front leg casing and her pants was wet.
Well, it's a no no without additional boaster because the fitted crumple up at the front. My dd has small butt so I'm still able to stuff one boaster or one stay dry doubler in the fitted. But that night, I didn't insert any boaster. If I did, I think it won't crumple and leak out, perhaps just soaking wet.

2) Case II:
Never changed my dd in pocket diaper when she slept at 9pm. I think the pocket diaper was put on at 8.30pm (I was away for a wedding dinner, MIL changed my dd) and I never check on her diaper at 11.30pm after I came back. Later I found out the bedsheet was wet. Her pants also wet at a corner. It leaked and I think that was when she slept on one side.
The inserts in the pocket diaper was 2 GAD hemp insert, one in large setting and one in medium setting. The medium setting insert was soaking wet but surprisingly the large setting insert only half wet! That's mean even there's still space to store liquid in the second hemp insert but once the hemp insert gets wet, they will become heavier and again I realized the pocket diaper also crumple up abit.
So, next time should combine microfiber with hemp. I think this should work much more better than 2 hemp inserts.

3) Case III
This is the most hilarious one that I ever encountered. It's a GAD pocket diaper. As you can see the inner fleece of the diaper is in dark blue and outer is light blue as shown in the picture below. The colour is simply delicious, isn't it?
My mum called me one day when my dd was staying with her for 2 weeks. She asked me how come there is only one pocket diaper that always leak when the insert was still dry??!! She is new in using CD back then and my first thought was probably it repells water and instructed my mum to try stripe wash the diaper.
When I went back and she showed me how she put on the diaper... I bursted out laughing loud!!! The diaper was worn inside out! Blame it on my maid who likes to turn this blue GAD fleece out and stacked them in the diaper basket nicely. Yes, the dark blue (microfleece surface) was worn out and the PUL was wrapping around my dd's butt! OF COURSE IT LEAKS!!! LOL

Moral of the story: If you have a caregiver, make sure you train them with full instructions!

~GAD diaper in light blue~ Note: It is common that the brand label sewn outside of the diaper, it is made in that way, NOT INSIDE!

Oh yes, I found out if I still let my dd wear on tighter setting diaper (think about GAD diaper which you have adjustment snap for the thigh and waist), it will leak also. The insert itself is either dry or half wet but the urine was forced out from the diaper. I'm not sure why it is so but I had tested afew times on this. Any similiar issue??

Do you have any leaking problem and did you ever analyse why the diaper leaks besides the diaper repells water?


wHOisBaBy said...

lol! that's funny in case #3. i know, seldom the color is inside of the pocket diaper. all my cloth diapers has a white interior fleece layer. anyway, i experience leak especially when he is sleepign because the waist area doesn't close too well and there are usually gaps somewhere when they toss and turn. so the urine will leak from it. Fleece layer doesn't absorf urine as quickly as it comes out. You can experience this by pouring a glass of water into the pocket diaper. You can see the water will run out. That's why the encasement area must be tight to prevent leak, but if is too tight, it might not be comfortable for the wearer.

anyway, now I only let my son wears cloth diaper when he is awake. also weather is getting cold now. fitted diapers and inserts are so hard to dry.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

anna, you don't have dryer? I thought this is a necessities in the states?
well, to be frank my dd is alright with the fleece layer but somehow there are accidents. Usually I will do strip wash if I encounter leaking when she sleeps. But unproper sizing also will lead to leaking.

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