Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I can't help...

and added another 2 new diapers for my dd's existing diaper stash last week. I've been eyeing them for some times and finally when I decided to purchase a gift for a friend who's just delivered recently, I bought these two!

One hemp fitted and one OS pocket diaper!


lotusutol said...

Lol yes I did this too last week. Bought 2 more nappies for her from itti bitti.

Let me know how you go with the BB hemp, I havent tried it yet, tho I have lots of BB bamboo.

And Bumwear prints are so cute, and softer than other PUL pockets I've used. Too bad the shape is not ideal for DD, tho still can be used. Enjoy putting it on En En!!

Peridot&Sapphire said...

lotus: yes, bumwear PUL is very soft as if wearing normal clothes and like you said... the shape problem. I still need to observe it on my dd oz MIL's feedback is the leg casing get wet fast and the PUL is not really so leakproof.
BB hemp is very good, take less drying time than bamboo and absorbeny is great! I'll have post on these 2 nappies soon.

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