Saturday, March 22, 2008

Review: Fitted Diaper - Dream-Ez

100% organic cotton side-snapping multiple size diaper. This is the best night-time diaper for my super heavywetter! Unbelievable... but the absorbency beats down hemp and bamboo, I was surprise too!

It last at least 6 hours on my dd with no additional boaster. The more I will add is one stay-dry doubler as it doesn't come with stay-dry feature.

Must give credit to those who invented organic cotton diaper as it is very easy to wash and doesn't retain smell.

Simply in love with its trimness!!! Even trimmer than itti bitti bamboo fitted although they are almost the same in crotch sizing. The construction and design is the same with Dream-Eze AIO. The wings have 4 snaps (upper and lower) to adjust accordingly. Therefore, the wings are long and when they are overlapped, in fact that add more absorbency to the front of the diaper. Some may not like it as it will be a little bulky at the waist area but to me that's a bonus in having a little more absorbency as I don't see my gal having difficulty to sleep on her tummy too! It's very snug around waist and leg casing and never encounter leaking problem. this is also another low-rise diaper but don't worry as it won't fall, in fact low-rise is the key to trimness... I think... ;)


1) Very snug fitting, extra trim!

2) Does not retain smell

3) Absorbent diaper for heavywetter baby / toddler


1) No sewn in fleece liner

2) May need to buy extra as it comes in multiple size

3) Takes longest time to dry than all other fitted diapers in my gal's stash

4) Require a diaper cover and it works so wonderful when pairing with wool cover!

I love this diaper for its trimness, absorbent, side-snapping and easy to wash! I highly recommended this one for mummies with heavywetter.

Get it from: Miabambina

Rating: 5 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage


Zarita said...

Taking ur advice, I tried this one.
And yes, it works wonders!
The cons is drying time.
But anyway, as for now this is the solution for night time (with wool cover).
Thumbs up!

Peridot&Sapphire said...

As long as it works... I also hope there were others inform me about the best diaper for heavywetter... so that I can save a little fortune of mine from buying so many... :( But it's too late, investment done!

Peridot&Sapphire said...
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sunita said...

i loved it too. found it very trim and absorbent. i have been using it every alternate day for maybe past 2 months, but now, there are areas in the soaker exposing the hemp it is wearing you have any similar problems?

Mummy to QiQi said...

sharine, saw dream ez has 2 type, the one u using is fitted, another type, AIO. Is the construction for both the same (i mean level of absorbancy). initially i planned to get drybees bamboo, or baby beehind. But after reading your posting, i might want to try this!

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