Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lanolizing Wool Soaker

I'm supposed to update this a long time ago but feel so lazy as it has so many pictures to be included. Well, I think I want to get it done so here goes... Oh yes, before I forgot, I have wool soaker but not the commercial wool cover and this one required to be hand-washed.

I used Lansinoh lanolin to lanolize the wool soaker... in fact as long as it's 100% pure lanolin any brand will do.
1) Firstly, get an empty container as we will need to melt the lanolin in it. Remember to use hot water for the melting purpose.

2) Next, a pea-sized of lanolin will be enough for a soaker. If you have wool longies I suppose you might need to use more lanolin.

3) Add hot water ( I don't use boiling hot but it works too) and you will notice the lanolin starts to melt. Cover the container and shake well. Preferably get a see through container with lid/cover so that you can shake it without pouring out and see for yourself whether it's already all melt.

4) I then let aside the lanolin and go straight to wash the wool soaker using warm water (please check whether your wool item can be washed in cold or warm?). I use the free gift from Sheepish Grin woolwash bar to wash the soaker. Lather on hands and rub all over with both hands or alternately I lather under the water and that produce the soapy water for washing.

5) Rinse the soaker and prepare a big container or washing pail that is big enough to lay the soaker in it. I think laying the wool soaker horizontal or vertical is not a problem. Please correct me if this has differences and purpose.
6) Set water level just to cover the wool item.

7) Pour the lanolin that was prepared earlier into the water and stir to mix. Let it set for at least 30 minutes or overnight. I prefer later but frankly speaking they don't differ in any way.

There you go, after lanolizing you will need to squeeze out excess water and air dry it. My wool soaker takes 2 days for 100% dry and after the lanolizing I can reuse it for at least a month without washing!!! Simply amazing....


giddy tiger said...

Thanks for the step by step instructions Sharine! The pictures help a lot!

lotusutol said...

Great explanation Sharine! Oh I have something for you to try... what is it? You'll have to wait and see :)

Peridot&Sapphire said...

giddy tiger: no problem!

lotus: Hmm... what is it?? So mysterious...?

lotus said...

Aiyah, just waitlah ;)

two and a half acres (Canadian version) said...
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two and a half acres (Canadian version) said...

Thanks for adding pictures to you post. it was realy helpful.(so are the instructions.)xo

Anonymous said...

my soakers don't seem completely waterproof after doing this, pretty much the same way. I have tried lots of different ways. If the soaker wasn't fully dry before you used it would that affect it's ability to absorb?

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