Saturday, March 22, 2008

Toilet/Potty Train

My gal's favourite diaper - Itti Bitti D'lish

in Rockmelon

Started to train my gal to use the toilet for 1 week plus now and the progress seems quite smooth along the way despite there are times that she refused to be co-operative. there are some time intervals for her to pee and she is able to tell when she wants to do her big business. Accidents happened and that's when lampin (the cotton gauze flat) is in the full use... to wipe the mess! LOL!!!

She is diaperless at daytime but still in diaper when she's napping and sleeping at night. Hence, we are having more diapers waiting to be used. I don't have to worry about raining days... this is so nice! Even when we went out shopping, the first destination we headed to is the toilet in order to encourage her to pee first. She did it and that save another diaper into the laundry...

I'm not planning to use any training pants at the moment since the accidents only happen 10% of all time. Moreover, I think I will be abit lazy to ask her going to the toilet if she's on a training pants... this is pyschology problem. the more I worry she will pee on the floor without a diaper, the more hardworking I will to encourage her to use the toilet or potty. Right now, she will give us signal or little movement to notify that it's time for her to pee. Seeing mummy wearing a panty also does the trick as she will ask to be given panty to wear too. She wants to be a big girl!

So, what to do with the minkee diapers? My gal said: " It's Pooh bear furcoat!" She loves to play with them and they are the favourite diaper she will be so glad to put on when we go out. She even will show off the minkee diaper that she's wearing!

Kids are so cute, aren't they?


lotus said...

Good for you! This is the advantage of being SAHM - you can concentrate on toilet training around the clock.

I have heard that some people toilet train thair kids very quickly by giving salty food and lots of drinks (salty food = thirsty) so they get lots of practice in a very short time. When the child successfully goes to toilet they are rewarded with more salty food and drinks so that they continue to toilet regularly until they learn the skill.

The focus is on staying dry.
The child is trained to check for dryness, if the pants are dry, they get more saltyfood/drinks reward.
It is quite intensive 'training' and only for 1-2 days.

Just for your information only :) I am like you I prefer the progressive method.

Joan D'Arcy said...

"this is pyschology problem. the more I worry she will pee on the floor without a diaper, the more hardworking I will to encourage her to use the toilet or potty"

This I agree 101%.. I bought training pants for lil C, but ended up ditching it in to the cupboard. He will pee on the floor, and that made me work harder to train him to use the potty! :) Cute girl u have!

Peridot&Sapphire said...

lotus: dare not try this methos on my gal as she hardly can drink water... but thanks for the sharing... :)

Joan: I think if I get training pants it will also ends up in the cabinet... haha!

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