Friday, September 26, 2008

Trying out Snappi

Was wondering how to use Snappi on fitted diaper... I got one NB fitted nappy made by a mama from Aussie (thanks for sending me, Bec!) without any snap or velcro closure. I Was wondering whether Snappi can be used and how to hook it on...

When you lay the fitted flat and try to hook, it won't work... my mum told me about this and experiment with me before.

So, I tried to assume a baby is wearing the fitted like below:-

Yeah... I stuffed the fitted diaper with my gal's singlet after I rolled it. The fitted became fuller in the body and I tried with Snappi to hook it onw and Yes! It did work! Looks like Snappi is good to use with fitted diaper or prefold (thicker) and not so good with cloth napkin /muslin as they are too thin. Well, all these while I never try Snappi on fitted but heard alot saying that it goes well with fitted and prefold. Therefore, this is my first experiment... :)

Got to practise a few times to hook it more securely...


lotus said...

Ah Sharine I need to tell you something.

One of my friends tested out the nappy on her NB, the fit was great.
But not be too good to snappi because the material is too thin.

I need to add extra layer in the wings to my next batch. Or add snaps.

You can still use the nappy without fastening (or use pins) under your bummis cover, just make sure the cover is fairly snug around the nappy.

Just to let you know. :)

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Ah... really? Ok, noted.

lotus said...

need to clarify to say the material was too thin to snappi, the snappi hooks touched the baby's skin (like if you try to snappi lampin)!

lotus said...

Just to update: this nappy can be used without snappi or pins if you use NB size cover. The fit is very snug under NB covers

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