Friday, September 26, 2008

Advise needed to use napkin with diaper cover!

Obviously the lampin when folded in rectangular shape is bigger than the S size diaper cover. That's a Bummis Super Wrap in S. I think this won't be a nice fold up for breasfeeding baby with lots of poo poo as the lampin won't be able to catch the poo near the leg casing area, isn't it? I mean the poo poo will have the tendency to "dirty" the diaper cover straight away...

Personally, I still perfer the traditional lampn folding in triangular shape as there will be extra cloth cover the thigh. Hiow to fold this into the diaper cover? Mommies who used diaper cover with lampin on breastfeed baby, please share with me how did you fold the lampin??

This is Bummis diaper cover too but in NewBorn size. Lampin definitely can't squeeze in no matter how I folded... So, it's very good to use with small insert. I put the nappy liner on top of the insert and lay it flat on the diaper cover. It's so easy... I wonder are there any fleece sock (just like the Cotton Babies Sock) available in such a smallest size???


lotus said...

You can still use the traditional triangle fold with the cover if you do not like the pad fold.
As long as the lampin is tucked inside the cover, poo will not escape.

I also add an extra fold on the diagonal edges of lampin to form a gusset around the legs to help reduce poo leakage.
Another extra fold around the waist area helps to reduce poo going up the waist.

Then again, with a good-fitting cover you shouldnt need to worry about poo escaping :)

And yes, the cover will definitely be soiled vry frequently during newborn stage.
BUt the good thing is you can handwash after use, it will dry very fast.
Best to have minimum 6 covers during the early stages, more would be convenient.

Hope this helps :)

Peridot&Sapphire said...

I see... thanks for the suggestions... I really have only 6 diaper covers to rotate. Most probably will need to use pin as well... will see how.

passionmom said...

I would think that lampin dont really have to go with diaper cover during the first month. Coz your bb pee n poo so often that by using an elastic sewn with a touchtape will do wonders already. Meaning that you will just need to tie your bb waist with this elastic. Leave out the diaper cover for awhile first.

lotus said...

Now that I have my newborn to test my theory:

I could only use CD from Day 6 onwards, before that she was too small for any CD or cover, can only use dispossables.

I used my homemade newborn fitted nappies (the orange one) with Thirsties covers newborn size. I like how they have a curve on the tummy to accommodate the cord stump.

Bummis cover does not have this feature, so I only used it after the cord stump fel off.

I also used some trifolded 30x30cm 2-layer bamboo fleece with the covers, used it like a prefold. It is very absorbant.

I added an extra fold on the back and front to reduce the rise.

I might take some photos to show you how I folded it smaller to make it fit a newborn, and to contain poos.

I did not use any snappis or pins for the fitteds or the trifolds, as the covers are very snug around the waist and can hold the nappy in place.

farrahar said...


I used the normal lampin with S size Bummis on my breastfed ds when he was a newborn.

At first I folded the lampin in a triangle as in your second picture. Then as I grew lazy to fold I simply folded the lampin as in your first picture. But of course, that causes the poo to stain onto the sides of the Bummis too. So I went back to my initial setting.

I tell you washing the runny poo and its stain on a big wide cotton lampin is just.. pengsan!! But, the best thing is it dries faster and the stain was gone under the sun.

I would recommend you to pre-sewn your lampin into a prefold. This way, the washing area gets smaller and much more manageable.

Or use a micofleece liner on top of the lampin. This way the lampin won't get stained so much and it's much easier to spray off the runny poo.

farrahar said...

By the way, I only had 10 lampins, 6 prefolds, and 3 covers. Oh, and only 1 snappi needed. Sometimes I didn't even use the snappi cos the covers could hold the lampin well.


SOHO Mama said...

I used lampin the traditional way too, triangle-shape. And I use fleece liners (got from, i think it's HH, very thin but does good job in staying dry). After securing lampin with pin, i put on diaper cover & stuff the "extras" of the lampin around the leg gussets back inside. I find that this helps to prevent poo leakage. Oh I dont stuff the front end of the lampin inside the diaper cover flap. I did that a few times before because saw many pics of people doing that, but then Bummies cover instruction leaflet said do not do i pun "oh ye ke"..

Peridot&Sapphire said...

thanks for all the sharing... well, I still use pin with lampin.. easier and not so hot on bb bums. If I need to put baby into a sling or go out for a short period while no changing will be performed, then only I use a diaper cover.

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