Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Babylegs... Leg warmies...

Discovered the goodness of baby leg warmies just recently... well, I knitted wool soakers and longies to be used with fitted diapers. In real life, it is bulky to use on small baby who is a heavywetter. Oh... I love to add booster or doubler for my heavywetter baby. Therefore, the bum looks so big with the diaper & wool cover. It looks so uncomfortable when the bum is higher than the head. Get what I mean?
If you have baby leg warmies or babylegs as some of you known, it is a great alternative solution while waiting baby to grow big.

Thank god I knitted a pair to try out. DS will be warm with them when wearing fitted diaper with cover (be it PUL or wool). I'm knitting another pair now...

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