Monday, December 22, 2008

How to wash CD with breastfed baby's poo poo?

Can dear CD mummies share with me what is your routine or how do you wash the CD with those yellowish stain on CD? Most of the CD manufacturer mentioned no need to soak CD but I realized the poo poo stain is not easily to wash off. At least soaking for half day then only can ensure it's 100% clean after spin and dry in washing machine.

Besides that, I found out laying a piece or two nappy liner on top of CD reduce the staining directly on the fleece and it ease the washing too. Mind to share your tips?

Oh before I forgot I don't use CD whole day... only 2-3 piece of pocket + fitted. Therefore, I never do spin and rinse in the washing machine before full wash. Or... maybe I should?


farrahar said...

Oh, I feel you cos I've been there before. Yes, it's really difficult to remove breastfed newborn runny poopoo stain from CD.

I never soaked my diapers cos I just didnt have time for that. Believe me, the sun is THE BEST! I've tried it and it worked! Which is why I never soak my diapers cos I needed to catch the early morning sun, as early as 7am. When I hang my wet diapers to dry, the stain was there. By noon, the stain was gone. Amazing!

To make newborn diapering easier:

1) Use prefold instead of the big wide lampin. If you have lampin, sew them into prefolds. This makes washing poopoo A LOT easier.

2) Use flushable nappy liners, or microfleece ones. This makes washing lampin easier, and of course, reduce staining too.

Don't worry about the stain too much. It won't stay for long. Trust me on this :).

SOHO Mama said...

I SO agree with farrahar..i've used lampin & modern CD and both have had breastmilk-poo poo-stains. Sometimes the sun doesn't eliminate ALL of the stain..but like farrahar said, in time, it will. At least that's what I've experienced :)
So not to worry lahh..

lotus said...

I also agree.
Stains are only colours, it is not dirt. So no need to soak.
Sunning helps to remove the stains, and also sanitises the nappies (no more germs). :)

Peridot&Sapphire said...

wow! looks like the sun really does all the tricks... thanks dear! After reading the feedback, I'm more confident now...

chanelwong said...

soooo sad.... i dont have sun staying in apartment....some of my napkin and CD got some stain

lotus said...

Chanel, as long as you can sun your nappies close to a sunny window (even if indoors) it should do the trick.

THe UV rays from the sun is what removes the stains and sanitises the nappies.

I haven't sunned my clothing outside for the last 2-3 years, but I hang them inside the house in a sunny room and they still dry and still get stains off.

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