Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh No!!!

Bleach & too much detergent!

This is my fault as I never inform my maid not to use bleach. Saw a few fleece liner carried some colourful "dye" from other baby clothes few days back. Surprisingly they are gone when I checked again. Needless to say, she used bleach on them.

I didn't scold her but tell her the correct way to wash CD and too much detergent discovered by smelling. That one I don't blame her as she got big load of washing everyday so I manage to rinse a few times on my own.

Actually, what type of damage cause by bleach? Any idea? I shall monitor on any changes especially the performance of those affected CD.


lotus said...

bleach can reduce the life span of elastic, fade away colours and also might damage PUL.

lotus said...

of course, if required use only a little bit, once in a blue moon.

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