Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why Disposable Diaper?

Because it's already available since so long ago and everyone can't live without it. Quite true for today's lifestyle. Sometimes it is unavoidable and I have to admit that I'm using it while still finding solutions to convert to cloth with my second bub.

I bet you know what I mean here, people nowadays use money to buy technology and convenient. Agree?

As for my case, having now 2 heavywetter babies, I experimented different types of solutions for night time and daytime. It won't last long if I never add boaster or extra doubler. Therefore, the CD (be it pocket or fitted) will be thicker or bulkier. Wool is good for heavywetter when pair with absorbent fitted diaper but wool is not thin though. On the other hand, no worry about this with sposies.

I'm not sure about other brestfeed mothers but it's quite terrible for me to use CD when my baby No.2 is here as I was struggling and stress out with breasfeeding. I was so weak and tired to explore about what to use for CDing for more absorbency for my newborn (DS) due to not enough rest. (Maybe I have too many CD's options to think of?) At least disposable can be used for at least 8-10 hours without leak, so that I can concentrate to breastfeed.

My elder child (DD) is supposed to potty-train at night but since I am taking care of DS, MIL helps me to take care of her now. MIL is not really supportive on CD as those I used on my DD are too bulky for her. Maybe it's true as DD already able to tell and always asked us to take off CD at mid-night. DD sometimes refuse to wake up and pee at night, so for "safety" purpose and in order to absorb pee from a heavywetter toddler MIL uses disposable on her even during naptime.

Stay-Dry Layer
I'm doubt about my DS developed very serious skin allergy when using CD in the first 2 weeks but it's fine and even better when using disposable. This must be the chemical material used in sposies that keep the bum dry. CD uses cloths and probably clothes will become damp after too many wettings. Therefore, the skin that in contact with damp CD is definitely not a wonderful thing. Frequent changing is also important even for modern CD. Do you know what they use in sposies to keep baby's bum dry?

I'm not promoting disposable diaper. I'm comparing the pro and con from both CD and sposies. I hope there are even thinner fitted diapers or inserts available so that to minus off the bulkiness. What features do you hope to have from disposable that can turn into modern CD in the future?


lotus said...

disposable diapers have their place, don't feel guilty to use it when you need to, for your sanity's sake :)

Hanz said...

I agree with what Lotus said, once a while using dispos should be ok, especially when everyday is raining like nowadays...& the damp(not so dry) CD would turn u off

dewihong said...

Hi Sharine,
You are lucky. Your DD and DS can still tolerate dispos. My Richard, since newborn and until now, will gets diaper rash if wearing dispos, unless I apply lots of diaper rash cream on his bums. So for me, I have no choice but using cloth diapers since Richard was a newborn. However, I only used thick modern CD for nap time and nighttime, because newborn pees and poos so often, so I felt kasihan if he wore dirty diapers for many hours during daytime. Daytime I still used lampins :)
Talking about bulkiness, the manufacturers of cloth diaper fabrics still keep improving their products. The latest fabric that I know is Zorb. So trim and absorb super fast with very good compression leakage control and is not affected by hard water or detergent build-ups. Let's see if all the claims are true.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

lotus & hanz: agree!

dewihong: true? A new material is coming soon? Hmm... maybe by then my children alredy potty-trained... haha!

Peridot&Sapphire said...

But I do believe in elimination communication works best if mummy has time to train the kid... save on buying too much nappies and dispo... Anyhow, it's a hardwork nowadays to practise this.

dewihong said...

Agree with you Sharine. Elimination Communication is still the best. I wish I have time to train when baby number is coming :)
About the Zorb, it is already available. Some hyenacart and etsy mamas already offer it in their diapers or mama pads.

lotus said...

Zorb, that's an interesting thing, going to find out more via google...

is it a natural fibre?

Tiny Tapir said...

Zorb is not 100% natural, you can check out the details here :

. There are mixed reviews for it online. You can't really use it as an insert on its own, it kind of has to be inside fabric apparently because of the way it felts when washed.

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