Sunday, December 7, 2008

Small Size?

This is the reason why I said my newborn baby fit in GAD pocket diaper so well! It's so tiny compare to other brands such as Fuzzi Bunz in the pic. I wonder whether there's any standard for cloth diaper sizing?

Oh... the Small size of Fuzzi Bunz is actually same as the Medium of GAD pocket. My baby boy is 5.1kg now at 7 weeks old and Small GAD seems a little tight on him as I'm already using the most front snaps for both waist and thigh (as you can see from the pic above). Feel not so satisfy with the thigh's snaps because even I snap on the most front (due to baby has chubby thigh), it still leaks when baby sleeps sideway.
In fact, it's not necessary to invest too much on Newborn size CD as baby grows too fast before you realized they are unable to fit in anymore. Anyway, remember to check on what brands that you wish to invest as different brands of CD carry different sizing.


mamaDhea said...


saya sllu juga baca ur blog nih coz i'm a cding mommy too.. my 2nd child bertuah sbb i dpt full-cding him.. my 1st doter, half-cding je during nite time & weekdays.. ur blog (this blog) really help me a lot during my early times with cd.. :D

actually, kinda agree with u.. i ada 2 small GAD cd.. kejap je dh my son dh outgrew itu cd.. also, i hv 2 small KND.. but sampai harini masih muat sbb button dia byk.. now my 2nd child dh almost 8mos & weight 8kg.. still muat that knd small tp setting plg besarrr skali..

Peridot&Sapphire said...

ya... some CD sizing is very generous but some is not. So yg cepat outgrown tu bolehlah simpan bg baby no.3 or sell as 2nd... still good investment kan? :)

Tiny Tapir said...

CD is not standardized for sizing, so you really need to follow the manufacturer recommended sizing. For example Starbunz is approx 1 size smaller than other sizes (starbunz S = other diaper NB and starbunz M = other diaper S). Thirsties are quite generously sized in comparison. Not even all one size diapers will fit for the same period of time as usually they can vary from each other an inch either in the crotch, or the rise, on the thigh openings, and the inner material used can really affect the bulkiness of the diaper when folded down.

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