Thursday, January 17, 2008

News on Wahmies Onesize Diaper

Oh my God! They said Wahmies copy other WAHM's idea on using the s-hook and criticism is going on in the CD community now. More news here.


Sandra@miabambina said...

This is a very sensitive issue.
There are similarity with those diapers but
Now a days there are many CD that look a like ?

How many OS using velcro and using the snaps down option to adjust the rise? And there are many brands out there (OS or sizes) look similar to each other ( from velcro, side snaps, fitted etc)

I hope this matter will be resolve in a good and respectable manners from both side of owner.

And an additional mess is the last thing we want to add in this kind of situation.


Peridot&Sapphire said...

Actually I don't see any big deal over this type of issue and you are right, there are so many similar CD in the market. As a consumer, to be frank I don't really mind who's the CD inventor too and still we appreciate hardwork from all of them.

denna said...

sandra ha ha..yes sensitive buy copying is not's a marketing strategies.

sharine, yes la the buyer doesn't long as they like they will buy

Peridot&Sapphire said...

denna, that's so right!

green said...

Well, hopefully wahmies agrees to pay some portion of each diaper to the inventor of the s-hook diaper.

The truth is, one of the best thing about cloth diapering is that it is all about women making products for women. It shouldn't be about women stabbing each other in the back over money.

I don't agree with what wahmies did, and I would not support that kind of unethical behavior.

Yes, there are similarities between cloth diapers, but at least TK Cuddlers should have had the opportunity to benefit some from their invention instead of Wahmies pulling their larger muscle (because their goods are commercially produced they can get to market faster by sending the design to a factory to be copied) to pull the rug from out under TK in a sense.

And then Wahmies claiming they invented the whole thing.. just not very nice, and as a human being I wouldn't want to support that kind of behavior.

To be so short sighted to say 'i don't care about how something is produced, I just going to buy it if i like it and if it's cheap'... slippery selfish road to hell - where you put your $ down determines what kind of world your kids will live in.

Same with the whole 'eco-friendly' bamboo thing that some use to promote their diapers as superior. Just deluding yourself you're not putting chemicals against your baby's butt when Bamboo fabric is never 100% natural and never produced without using a lot of chemicals.

Be educated about what you're supporting.

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