Friday, January 18, 2008

Review: Fitted Nappy - Motherease Sandy's

Side-snapping cotton terry fitted diaper. The one I have is a Size 2 (M-L) that can fit from 8-17kg. It is soft and very comfortable.

I am quite surprise this cotton diaper last longer than the Drybees bamboo OS. If wear alone without any boaster or doubler it can last 3 hours on my heavywetter as a day time diaper. I use it as a night diaper too by adding one hemp insert and one stay-dry doubler. I am quite satisfy that it can last through at least 6-7 hours!
I read the description of this diaper from the website, it is said the diaper itself (size 2) can hold up to 425ml! Yes, it's made of cotton... unbelievable!

This is a side snapping fitted diaper with 2 upper snaps and 3 lower snaps on each wing. My dd is almost 11kg and she fit under the second snaps on upper (due to her big tummy... LOL!) and the third snaps for the thigh. The diaper itself is very roomy and instead it's a diaper, it does looks like a pant. The leg casing also snug very well with a little ruffle around the thigh.
The only thing that I don't quite like is the wings will get wet first even the diaper is only half wet. Therefore, you will find the baby's waist is damp first before the whole bum get damp. I assume this must be the design issue.

1) So soft and comfortable to wear
2) Very roomy and easy to wash
3) Does not retain smell like hemp or bamboo
4) Easy and adjustable side snapping

1) Since it is one absorbent fitted, it takes longer time to dry... longer than the hemp fitted
2) Both wings get wet before the whole diaper wet
3) Definitely need a diaper cover

There is none of our local e-store carry this brand. I purchased it from oversea. The latest they have is bamboo Sandy's. I wish I have budget to try it out too! Simply because it is soft and absorbent... :)

Rating: 4 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage


dewihong said...

Agree with you, Sharine.. The wings do get wet first, and I wish the wing snaps are hidden (like Dream-eze).
Overall, I think this is a simple, and yet a functional, reliable, and durable diaper. Mine are still in very good condition after 15 months of heavy use.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

yes... functional, reliable as I never have leaking problem with this one before and durable too! wow 15 months still in good condition??!! sure a good investment...

Deana E said...

yap look very comfy!!!

Peridot&Sapphire said...

yes deanna, it is comfy.

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