Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Leaking again!

I'm not sure why but it's already 2 days reported by MIL that the BumGenius that I wore on my dd leaked! She ended up awake from her sleep due to the wetness on the bed!

BumGenius was my trusted pocket diaper for nap or those 3-4 hours before dd wakes up from her sleep. Normally I will change her fitted and wool soaker around 6 or 7am and she is still sleeping. I used to put her on pocket diaper latest by 7am and that will last her till 10am for her bath. All the while this system work and we never have any leaking issue... until 2 days ago!

Ok... the insert I used were the GAD microfiber and GAD hemp both in large setting. Seems like not the fitting issue and I suspect should be the absorbency is not enough. I'll try to change her from pocket diaper to the daytime fitted diaper and see how it goes...

Meanwhile I think I have to do strip wash on BG pocket diapers...


Anonymous said...

we experience some leakages as well with all our bumwear/freshbots/motherstouch on different occassions due to different can be the cd wasn't changed fast enough or there was a fitting issue...regarding strip...i've never ever stripped any (so 'rajin' hehehe)...but we do wash with some soap if any of the cd got soiled with poo prior to dumping into the washing machine. (can this be liken to strip? i'm not sure)......also we use baking soda/vinegar on some washes.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

strip wash is washing with dish washing detergent.
Most of the time I encountered leak is due to the sizing and fitting... occasionally will be the diaper repell water.

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